Apricot Brandy Essence 3 per Pack (20 ml | 0.65 fl oz)

Apricot Brandy Essence 3 per Pack (20 ml | 0.65 fl oz)

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Apricot Brandy Essence: Your Key to Handcrafted Liqueurs at Home

Easily Create Exquisite Apricot Brandy Liquor with Essence

Embrace the art of liqueur making at home with Apricot Brandy Essence. This pack, containing three 20 mL (0.65 fl. oz.) bottles, is a boon for homebrew enthusiasts and craft-makers. Infused with natural extracts, essences, oils, and caramel color, this essence provides an authentic apricot brandy flavor that's easy to prepare and delightful to savor.

Perfect for homebrewing or winemaking hobbyists, this essence simplifies crafting homemade apricot brandy. Mix one bottle's contents with 0.87 cups (200 g) of granulated sugar in a 35 fl. oz. (1 L) bottle, then add 26.5 fl. oz. (750 ml) of 25-30% ABV grain alcohol or neutral vodka. For a richer texture, incorporate 1 fl. oz. (29 ml) of glycerine. This yields approximately 30 fl. oz. (850 ml) of smooth apricot brandy, ideal for various occasions.

Produced with pride in Canada, this essence is a must-have for those seeking the satisfying taste of homemade apricot brandy without the complexity often associated with traditional brewing methods.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Apricot Flavor: Crafted with natural ingredients for a genuine apricot brandy taste.
  • Simplified Brewing Process: Ideal for homebrew enthusiasts and craft-makers.
  • Compatible with Various Alcohols: Works well with grain alcohol, neutral vodka, or yeast blends.
  • Option for Richer Consistency: Add glycerine for a more luxurious texture.
  • Generous Yield: Each pack produces about 30 fl. oz. (850 ml) of liqueur.


Q: What sets Apricot Brandy Essence apart? A: Its quality ingredients ensure an authentic flavor, paired with an easy-to-follow process.

Q: How much liqueur can be made from one pack? A: One pack yields approximately 30 fl. oz. (850 ml) of apricot brandy.

Q: Is this essence suitable for those new to brewing? A: Yes, its straightforward preparation is excellent for beginners and seasoned brewers alike.

Q: What additional ingredients are needed? A: You'll need granulated sugar, your choice of alcohol, and optional glycerine.

Q: Where is this essence produced? A: It is proudly made in Canada, ensuring high-quality standards.

Embrace the Art of Homebrewing: Apricot Brandy Essence provides a delightful and hassle-free way to craft your artisanal liqueur at home. Whether you are an experienced homebrewer or just beginning, this essence offers a professional touch to your homemade beverages. Delight in the process and relish the rich flavors of your very own apricot brandy.