Bag-in-Box Bags Pack of 5 (20 L | 5.2 gal)

Bag-in-Box Bags Pack of 5 (20 L | 5.2 gal)

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Enhance Beverage Preservation with Our 20L Bag-in-Box Bags.

Optimal Solution for Extending Shelf Life of Wine, Cider, and Alcoholic Beverages Our Bag-in-Box bag pack of 5, each with a 20-liter capacity, is expertly designed for the efficient storage and dispensing of non-carbonated beverages like wine, cider, and various alcoholic products. These single-use bags are crafted to maintain the freshness and purity of your liquids, effectively preventing air contamination. The innovative tap system ensures that air does not enter the bag during dispensing, preserving the quality and taste of your beverages. 

Key Features:

  • Large Capacity: 20 liters (5.2 gallons) per bag, ideal for bulk storage.
  • Advanced Preservation: Specially designed to protect the liquid from external air contamination.
  • Food Safe: Perfectly suited for all non-carbonated beverages.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: Offers significant waste reduction and a lower carbon footprint than traditional glass bottles.
  • Extended Freshness: Maintains product quality and freshness for several weeks after opening.
  • Secure Tap: Features a tamper-evident, original tap for guaranteed product integrity.


Q: What types of beverages are these bags best suited for? A: They are ideal for storing and dispensing non-carbonated drinks such as wine, cider, and other alcoholic beverages.

Q: What are the environmental advantages of using these bags? A: These bags reduce waste and have an 80% lower carbon footprint than standard 75cL glass bottles.

Q: How long can beverages be stored in these bags? A: Beverages can remain fresh and high-quality for several weeks after opening the bag.

Q: Can these bags be reused? A: They are designed for single use to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and freshness.

Q: Is the dispensing tap air-tight? A: Yes, the tap is designed to prevent air ingress during dispensing, thus maintaining the beverage's quality.

Q: Where are these Bag-in-Box bags manufactured? A: These bags are proudly made in Canada, ensuring quality and reliability.