Bombay Gin Essence 3 per Pack (20 ml | 0.65 fl oz)

Bombay Gin Essence 3 per Pack (20 ml | 0.65 fl oz)

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Bombay Gin Essence: Your Gateway to Crafting Exquisite Gin at Home

Unleash the Distiller in You with Bombay Gin Essence

Dive into gin crafting with our Bombay Gin Essence, available in a convenient 3-pack. Each 20 mL (0.65 fl. oz.) bottle is a fusion of natural extracts, essential oils, and propylene glycol designed to encapsulate the classic essence of Bombay Gin.

Ideal for gin enthusiasts and homebrewers alike, this essence simplifies creating your very own signature gin. To start, pour one bottle's contents into a 35 fl. oz. (1 L) bottle and add 26.5 fl. oz. (750 ml) of 35-40% ABV grain alcohol or neutral vodka. A thorough shake blends the ingredients perfectly, producing a distinctive, aromatic gin.

Each Bombay Gin pack can produce approximately 27 fl. oz. (770 ml) of premium-quality gin. Proudly made in Canada, this essence is perfect for those who enjoy the finer aspects of gin-making without the complexity of traditional distillation methods.

Key Features:

  • Classic Gin Flavor: Crafted with natural extracts and essential oils for an authentic taste.
  • Effortless Home Brewing: User-friendly process, suitable for DIY enthusiasts.
  • Flexible Alcohol Base: Compatible with various types of alcohol, including grain alcohol and vodka.
  • Abundant Yield: Produces around 27 fl. oz. (770 ml) of gin per pack.
  • Crafted in Canada: Ensuring quality and authenticity in every bottle.


Q: What makes Bombay Gin Essence unique? A: It offers a genuine Bombay Gin flavor with an easy brewing process for homemade gin enthusiasts.

Q: How much gin can be produced with one pack? A: Each pack yields approximately 27 fl. oz. (770 ml) of gin.

Q: Is this essence suitable for beginners in gin making? A: Absolutely, its straightforward process is ideal for both newcomers and seasoned brewers.

Q: Are additional ingredients required? A: You'll need grain alcohol or neutral vodka in addition to the essence.

Q: Where is this product manufactured? A: It is expertly crafted in Canada, ensuring the highest quality.

Elevate Your Home Bar: The Bombay Gin Essence pack is an excellent choice for those passionate about gin. Whether exploring new flavors or perfecting your homebrew skills, this essence will add sophistication and variety to your home bar. Embrace the art of crafting high-quality gin right in your home with this easy-to-use essence.