Glass Beer Bottle 24 per Pack (355 ml | 12 oz)

Glass Beer Bottle 24 per Pack (355 ml | 12 oz)

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Homebrewing Essentials: Amber Long Neck Glass Beer Bottles

Craft Quality in Every Bottle: Amber Long Neck Beer Bottles for the Home Brewer

Our 355 ml Amber Long Neck Glass Beer Bottles are the cornerstone of any home brewing supply. These industry-standard bottles are perfect for beer, mead, or cider, offering the classic look and feel with the added benefit of UV protection from the amber glass. The pry crown finish ensures a secure seal with the right caps, and the size is perfect for standard servings. With 24 bottles per pack, you can easily bottle up to 5 gallons of your homebrew, making these bottles a practical and essential part of your brewing hobby. 

Key Features:

  • Classic Size: 355 ml capacity, the gold standard for beer bottle servings.
  • UV Filtering: Amber glass construction protects the brew from light and preserves the flavor.
  • Reusable: Designed for multiple uses, these bottles are an eco-friendly choice.
  • Pry Crown Finish: Compatible with standard crown caps for a secure closure (caps not included).
  • Sufficient Quantity: One pack can bottle a significant portion of a 5-gallon homebrew batch.


Q: Why is amber glass preferred for beer bottling? A: Amber glass helps prevent light-induced spoilage, keeping your brew fresh and flavorful for longer.

Q: Can I use these bottles for beverages other than beer? A: Yes, they're also suitable for mead, cider, and any other beverage that benefits from UV protection.

Q: How many of these bottles will I need for a 5-gallon batch? A: For a 5-gallon batch, you will need between 48 and 54 12-oz bottles.

Q: Do these bottles come with caps? A: No, the bottles do not come with caps. Standard pry-off crown caps can be purchased separately.

Q: Are these glass bottles dishwasher safe? A: Glass bottles are generally dishwasher safe, but hand washing and sanitizing are recommended for brewing purposes to ensure thorough cleanliness.

Q: How should the bottles be stored when not in use? A: Store them in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their integrity and readiness for your next batch.