Glass Beer Bottle 12 per Case (650 ml | 22.87 oz)

Glass Beer Bottle 12 per Case (650 ml | 22.87 oz)

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Craft Brewing Perfection: Amber Glass Beer Bomber Bottles 

Savor Each Sip: Amber Glass Bomber Bottles for Artisanal Brews

Elevate your homebrewing experience with our 650 ml Amber Glass Beer Bottles, also known as bombers, perfect for craft beer aficionados and casual brewers. These bottles offer a classic pry crown finish and ample label space for personal branding. The eco-friendly amber glass not only lends a traditional touch but also protects your brews from light exposure, preserving the beer’s flavor and freshness. Ideal for carbonated creations, this 12-bottle case is a reliable choice for storing and sharing your passion for beer brewing.

Key Features:

  • Generous Volume: 650 ml capacity ideal for sharing or larger personal servings.
  • UV Protection: Amber glass shields beer from light, maintaining taste and quality.
  • Eco-Conscious Material: Reusable glass aligns with sustainable brewing practices.
  • Pry Crown Finish: Ready for your choice of caps to seal in carbonation (caps not included).
  • Perfect for Brewing Batches: Two cases fill approximately a 5-gallon batch of homebrew.


Q: Why choose amber glass for beer bottling? A: Amber glass provides superior protection from UV light, which can degrade beer quality over time.

Q: Are these bottles suitable for all types of homebrewed beer? A: They are especially suitable for highly carbonated beers due to their robust construction.

Q: Can I reuse these amber glass beer bottles? A: Absolutely; they are designed to be reusable, making them a sustainable option for brewers.

Q: What type of cap is needed for these bomber bottles? A: They require pry-off crown caps, which are easily available but must be purchased separately.

Q: Is there an advantage to using larger bottles like these for homebrewing? A: Larger bottles mean fewer containers to clean and fill, and they’re great for sharing your homebrew with friends.

Q: How should I clean these bottles before reusing them? A: Thorough cleaning and sanitization are essential; use a bottle brush and sanitizing solution to ensure they are ready for your next brew.