Clear Glass Jug 6 Per Case (2 L | 67.6 oz)

Clear Glass Jug 6 Per Case (2 L | 67.6 oz)

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Pure Versatility: Clear Glass Jugs for Multipurpose Use

Functional Elegance: Sturdy Clear Glass Jugs for Storage and Serving

Enhance your homebrewing and crafting ventures with our robust Clear Glass Jugs, offering a fusion of utility and elegance in a 6-jug case. These transparent vessels boast a 2 L capacity, perfect for an array of liquids from artisanal beverages to essential chemical solutions. The jugs are designed conveniently with an ergonomic finger handle and a wide label panel for easy identification. Designed for durability and safety, these FDA-compliant jugs are your go-to solution for storage needs, ensuring purity and quality preservation. 

Key Features:

  • Generous Capacity: Each jug holds up to 2 liters, suitable for large batches.
  • Easy Handling: Integrated finger handle for secure carrying and pouring.
  • Label Panel: A 4.44-inch space for clear labeling of contents.
  • Polyseal Cap Compatibility: Designed for a 38mm Polyseal cap to ensure airtight storage (cap sold separately).
  • FDA-Compliant: Safe for storing consumables and chemicals alike.


Q: What are the advantages of using glass jugs over plastic containers? A: Glass jugs do not react with contents, maintaining purity, and are better for storing liquids that can degrade plastic.

Q: Are these glass jugs suitable for fermenting beverages? A: Their size and material make them ideal for fermenting small batches of beverages.

Q: How durable are these glass jugs for transportation? A: They offer excellent strength and durability for careful transportation.

Q: Can the jugs be sealed for long-term storage? A: When paired with the appropriate Polyseal cap, they provide an airtight seal for extended storage.

Q: Are the clear glass jugs easy to clean and sanitize? A: Yes, glass is easy to clean and can be sanitized thoroughly, essential for brewing and chemical storage.

Q: Is the material of these jugs environmentally friendly? A: Glass is a sustainable material, fully recyclable, and can be reused multiple times, reducing environmental impact.