Clear Bordeaux Bottle 24 per Case (375 ml | 12.6 oz)

Clear Bordeaux Bottle 24 per Case (375 ml | 12.6 oz)

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Transparent Charm: Clear Bordeaux Bottles for Refined Winemaking

A Touch of Parisian Elegance: Classic Clear Bordeaux Bottles 

Craft your wine legacy with our Clear Bordeaux Bottles, blending traditional French design with the pristine beauty of transparency. With their clear glass, these bottles allow your wine's true color to shine through, while the cork finish assures the timeless seal of quality. With 24 bottles per case, each offering a 375 ml capacity, they are perfect for winemakers who aim to impress with their wine's taste and presentation.

Key Features:

  • Classic Bordeaux Shape: Straight walls and high shoulders are synonymous with the French winemaking tradition.
  • Crystal Clear Glass: Perfect for displaying the wine's color and clarity.
  • Practical Size: 375 ml capacity ideal for tastings or as a single-serve option.
  • Cork Finish: Complements the authenticity of the wine bottling experience.
  • Ample Labeling Area: A 130 mm label panel for branding and essential information.

We recommend that you use a # 8 cork for this bottle.


Q: What makes the Bordeaux bottle design special? A: Its iconic shape is known for stability and elegance, making it a favorite in the wine industry.

Q: Can I use these clear Bordeaux bottles for long-term wine aging? A: They can be used, but wine should be stored in a dark environment to protect it from light exposure.

Q: Are the bottles ready for immediate bottling upon arrival? A: However, it's always best practice to sanitize bottles before use.

Q: What type of corks are best suited for these bottles? A: Standard-sized wine corks designed for Bordeaux bottles will provide a secure fit. 

Q: Can these bottles be reused after the first use? A: With proper cleaning and sanitizing, they can be reused for home bottling projects.

Q: How does the clear glass benefit my winemaking process? A: It allows for visual inspection of the wine's clarity and color, which is important for quality control.