Growler with Closures Case of 6 (1.89 L | 64 oz)

Growler with Closures Case of 6 (1.89 L | 64 oz)

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Robust Craftsmanship: Amber Growler with Closures for Craft Beverage Enthusiasts 

Craft & Carry: Sturdy Amber Growlers for the Home Brewer’s Collection

Our Amber Growlers, with a generous 1.89 L capacity, are designed for the home brewer who values tradition and convenience. Each growler features a user-friendly finger handle, ensuring effortless transport and pouring of your favorite beverages. These containers come with a secure continuous thread finish and are paired with six robust lids per case, making them a reliable choice for preserving a variety of brews. FDA-compliant and constructed with care, these growlers promise to keep your crafted creations fresh from the first pour to the last. 

Key Features:

  • Substantial Size: 64 oz. Capacity: ideal for storing and sharing your homebrew.
  • Protective Amber Glass: Shields contents from UV light, preserving flavor and freshness.
  • Convenient Handling: Finger handle design for easy carrying and pouring.
  • Secure Sealing: Comes with six 38/400 CT lids per case for tight closure.
  • Label Panel: Provides ample space for branding or descriptive labeling.


Q: Why is amber glass used for growlers? A: Amber glass is preferred for its ability to protect the contents from harmful UV light, which can degrade the quality of beverages over time.

Q: Are these growlers reusable? A: They are designed to be durable and reusable, aligning with sustainable use practices.

Q: Can these growlers be used for beverages other than beer? A: Absolutely; they are suitable for any beverage that benefits from the protective qualities of amber glass, including kombucha, cider, and more.

Q: Is the lid provided with the growler airtight? A: The 38/400 CT lid is designed to provide an airtight seal, maintaining carbonation and freshness.

Q: How should I clean the growler before use? A: It should be cleaned with a bottle brush and a brewing-specific sanitizing solution to ensure it is ready for your next batch of homebrew.