6 Years + | 1000 Diamond Cork #8 Short (38 mm x 22 mm | 1.5 in x 0.87 in)

6 Years + | 1000 Diamond Cork #8 Short (38 mm x 22 mm | 1.5 in x 0.87 in)

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Diamond Cork #8 Short | Superior 6-Year Aging Seal for Fine Wines

Unveil Excellence with Portugal's Finest Natural Cork

Introducing the Diamond Natural Cork #8 Short, a beacon of Portuguese heritage, designed for the wine connoisseur's refined palate. These corks are not just stoppers but the gatekeepers to your wine's journey through time, assuring a graceful evolution for six years or beyond. Our 100% natural cork, sourced from a single strip and perfected by advanced technology, offers an optimal sealing solution that honors the wine's complexity and the winemaker's artistry.

Key Features:

  • Precision Cut: At 38 mm in length and 22 mm in diameter, precision meets versatility.
  • Single-Strip Natural Cork: Crafted for superiority and sustainability.
  • Extended Aging: Ideal for wines that mature gracefully over six years or more.
  • Technologically Refined: A testament to the fusion of tradition with innovation.
  • Portuguese Craftsmanship: Each cork embodies the expertise Portugal is known for.


Q: What benefits do single-strip corks provide? A: Single-strip corks offer a more consistent and reliable seal, enhancing the wine's aging process.

Q: Are Diamond Natural Corks suitable for long-term aging? A: Yes, they are specifically designed for wines intended for consumption after six years, ensuring optimal evolution.

Q: How does the size of the Diamond Cork #8 Short fit various bottles? A: Their standardized dimensions are compatible with a broad range of wine bottles, providing a perfect seal.

Q: What does the advanced technological process involve? A: It includes precision cutting and treatment of the cork to ensure the highest quality and performance.

Q: Can these corks maintain the complex flavors of wine? A: Absolutely, they are crafted to preserve and enhance the wine's organoleptic characteristics over extended aging.

Q: Why choose a product from Portugal for sealing wine? A: Portugal is renowned for its cork production, and choosing a Portuguese cork guarantees a product of unparalleled quality.