2 Years + | 1000 Nova Cork #9 Short (38 mm x 24 mm | 1.5 in x 1.31 in)
2 Years + | 1000 Nova Cork #9 Short (38 mm x 24 mm | 1.5 in x 1.31 in)
2 Years + | 1000 Nova Cork #9 Short (38 mm x 24 mm | 1.5 in x 1.31 in)

2 Years + | 1000 Nova Cork #9 Short (38 mm x 24 mm | 1.5 in x 1.31 in)

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Nova Cork Stopper: The Ultimate Choice for Contemporary Winemakers

The Nova Cork #9 Short Stopper is the optimal companion for winemakers who prioritize quality and authenticity. Born from the rich expertise of Portuguese craftsmanship, this cork has been meticulously designed to resonate with wineries, crafting enthusiasts, and anyone who understands the beauty of preserving the flavour of their wines. Not just a cork but a promise to keep your wine fresh and flavorful, ready to be enjoyed just when you want it. 

Key Features:

  • Precision-Crafted Dimensions: Boasts a length of 38 mm (1.5 inches) and a diameter of 24 mm (0.94 inches).
  • Specially Designed: Crafted with a consumption span of 2 years in mind, making it ideal for wines intended for early enjoyment.
  • Advanced Make: Features an agglomerated cork body combined with modern agglomerative materials for unmatched efficiency.
  • Balanced Benefits: Offers a harmonious blend of affordability and performance, backed by innovative technology.
  • Reliable Attributes: Showcases a density range of 290 to 40, water absorption capacity up to 40%, compression strength of 80 to 20, and an impressive 96% dimension recovery rate.


Q: Why is the Nova Cork #9 Short ideal for wines meant for earlier consumption? A: This cork is engineered considering wines to be enjoyed within two years, ensuring optimal preservation and freshness during this period.

Q: How does it fare against standard corks in terms of performance? A: Its innovative blend of traditional and modern materials provides a perfect balance of cost and performance, making it a top choice for discerning winemakers.

Q: Does the cork fit universally across all wine bottles? A: It's optimally designed to fit bottles in line with its specifications, primarily bottles meant for early-consumption wines.

Q: Is there any specific technology involved in its creation? A: Absolutely! The cork leverages the latest agglomerative technology, ensuring each cork performs consistently.

Q: What's the significance of its water absorption capacity? A: The cork's ability to absorb up to 40% water ensures the wine remains uncontaminated, preserving its original flavour and quality.

Q: Are these corks exclusively made in Portugal? A: Yes, these corks are a testament to Portuguese craftsmanship's rich tradition and expertise.