Plastic Top Cork Pack of 12 (27 mm x 21.8mm)

Plastic Top Cork Pack of 12 (27 mm x 21.8mm)

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Plastic Top Corks | Essential Sealing Solution for Bottling Needs

Secure Your Bottles with a Touch of Elegance

Plastic Top Corks offer an ideal solution for anyone looking to seal bottles of wine, spirits, or various liquids with efficiency and style. This pack of 12 corks, each measuring 27 mm in length and 21.8 mm in diameter, is designed to fit a wide range of bottlenecks, ensuring versatility across your bottling endeavors. Crafted in Portugal, these corks combine a premium-grade cork base with a durable plastic top, delivering not just a tight seal crucial for maintaining the quality of the contents, but also a polished white aesthetic that enhances the presentation of your bottles. Whether for personal use, in a winery, or a distillery setting, these corks are both practical and attractive, making them an excellent addition to your bottling supplies.

Key Features:

  • Perfectly Sized: At 27 mm by 21.8 mm, they fit standard bottles effortlessly.
  • Quality Materials: Premium-grade cork offers excellent sealing properties.
  • Decorative Plastic Top: Adds a clean, refined look to your bottles.
  • Multipurpose: Ideal for a variety of liquids, from wines to homemade spirits.
  • Portuguese Craftsmanship: Manufactured in a country with a rich heritage in cork production.


Q: Are Plastic Top Corks suitable for long-term storage of beverages? A: Yes, the high-grade cork material ensures a tight seal for the long-term preservation of flavors and aromas.

Q: Can these corks be reused after opening? A: While designed for single use to ensure the best seal, they can be reused for casual purposes where an airtight seal is not as critical.

Q: Is the plastic component of the cork durable? A: Yes, the plastic top is made to withstand normal handling, providing a firm grip for opening and closing. 

Q: What types of bottles are these corks compatible with? A: They are compatible with most wine and spirits bottles that match their diameter and length.

Q: How does the Portuguese origin of these corks impact their quality? A: Portugal's reputation in cork production is unmatched, ensuring that these corks are made with attention to quality and sustainability.