2 Years + | 1000 Synthetic Nomacorc #8 Short (38 mm x 22 mm | 1.5 in x 0.87 in)

2 Years + | 1000 Synthetic Nomacorc #8 Short (38 mm x 22 mm | 1.5 in x 0.87 in)

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Synthetic Nomacorc #8 Short Cork: Seal with Confidence. Elevate Every Sip.

For the winemakers, crafting aficionados, and wineries seeking impeccable preservation without stretching the budget, here's a seamless merger of technology and performance: The Synthetic Nomacorc #8 Short Cork. Dive into an era where the age-old tradition of wine preservation meets the pinnacle of American innovation. Trust in a closure that ensures freshness and exudes an appearance akin to the classic cork charm. 

Key Features:

  • Tailored Dimensions: Boasts a length of 37 mm (1.46 inches) with a precise diameter of 22 mm (0.87 inches).
  • Two-Year Freshness: This is specifically crafted to maintain your wine's vivacity and taste for two years or longer.
  • Nomacorc Patented Technology: Engineered with the distinct co-extrusion technique and injection moulds, replicating the aesthetics of natural cork.
  • Budget-Friendly Solution: An ideal fit for low-cost wines intended for quick rotation, ensuring quality without compromise.
  • American Craftsmanship: A testament to the unmatched prowess and ingenuity of the United States in wine closure innovation.


Q: How does the Synthetic Nomacorc differ from traditional cork closures? A: This wine closure embraces Nomacorc's unique patented technology, offering the visual appeal of natural cork yet crafted entirely from synthetic materials, ensuring longer freshness.

Q: Is this cork suited for wines meant for quick consumption? A: Absolutely! It's a perfect match for wines destined for rapid rotation, ensuring they retain their character while being cost-effective.

Q: How does its synthetic nature affect the wine's taste? A: The Synthetic Nomacorc #8 Short Cork promises to lock in your wine's original taste, ensuring its character remains unaltered.

Q: What kind of wines would benefit most from this closure? A: This cork is specially designed for budget-friendly wines that are set for a faster market rotation, ensuring quality at an affordable rate.

Q: Is there any chance of TCA contamination with this cork? A: No, being synthetic it eliminates risks associated with natural cork, like TCA contamination.

Q: Is this cork exclusively an American product? A: Yes, the Synthetic Nomacorc #8 Short Cork celebrates the innovation and expertise of American craftsmanship in wine closure technology.