Tapered Cork #1 - 100 Per Pack (16x12x08 mm)

Tapered Cork #1 - 100 Per Pack (16x12x08 mm)

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Seal the Deal with Precision and Quality

This Tapered Corks #1—a bulk pack of 100 curated to meet your winemaking, homebrewing, and crafting needs. Crafted with premium, naturally elastic cork material, these corks provide a foolproof seal, making them the ideal choice for those serious about the quality of their creations. 

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 16x12x08 mm | 0.63x0.47x0.31 in | 41/64x15/32x5/16 in
  • Universal Homebrew Compatibility: Ideal for winemaking, homebrewing, and various craft applications.
  • Premium Natural Cork: Offers exceptional elasticity for a reliable, tight seal.
  • Cut-to-Size Flexibility: Enables customization to fit unique bottling requirements.
  • Bulk Pack Convenience: 100 corks per pack, providing lasting supply for multiple projects.


Q: What dimensions do these corks offer?

A: Each cork comes in the dimensions 16x12x08, making them versatile for different bottle sizes and types.

Q: How many corks are included in one package?

A: Each pack has 100 corks, ideal for sustaining long-term projects or multiple crafting activities.

Q: Are these corks compatible with winemaking and homebrewing?

A: Their natural elasticity and quality materials make them suitable for winemaking and homebrewing.

Q: Can I cut these corks to a specific size?

A: Absolutely, these corks are designed with a cut-to-size flexibility to match your unique bottling needs.

Q: Do these corks have applications beyond bottle sealing?

A: Certainly, these corks are also helpful for arts and crafts, laboratory packaging, and even as wall and ceiling gap fillers.

Q: Where are these corks made?

A: These premium corks are inspired by Portuguese craftsmanship and are renowned for their quality cork production.

Experience the exceptional sealing capabilities of our Tapered Corks #1. Designed for crafters and brewers who prioritize quality, this bulk pack provides unmatched reliability and versatility for all your winemaking, homebrewing, and crafting projects.