Tapered Cork #2 - 100 Per Pack (18x13x09 mm)

Tapered Cork #2 - 100 Per Pack (18x13x09 mm)

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Take your winemaking, homebrewing, and crafting to a new level with our top-grade Tapered Corks #2. Available in a bulk pack of 100, these corks offer the ultimate combination of natural elasticity and durability, ensuring a seamless sealing experience for all your creative endeavours. 

Key Features:

  • Dimensions18x13x09 mm | 0.71x0.51x0.35 in | 45/64x33/64x9/32 in
  • Homebrew and Winemaking Ready: Specifically designed for your winemaking and homebrewing requirements.
  • High-Quality Natural Cork: Crafted to provide robust elasticity for an unbeatable seal.
  • Adaptable Design: This can be cut to match any unique bottle or crafting requirements.
  • Economical Bulk Packaging: 100 corks per pack to fuel your long-term creativity.


Q: What are the dimensions of these corks?

A: These corks come in dimensions of 18x13x09, versatile for a multitude of bottle sizes and project types.

Q: How many corks are in one package?

A: Each package contains 100 corks, ideal for ongoing or large-scale projects.

Q: Are these suitable for winemaking and homebrewing?

A: Absolutely, these corks are designed to meet the needs of both winemakers and homebrewers.

Q: Can these corks be resized to fit my specific needs?

A: Yes, these corks can be easily cut for customization, suiting a variety of unique bottling or crafting specifications.

Q: What are other applications for these corks?

A: Beyond bottle sealing, these corks serve multiple purposes, including arts and crafts, lab packaging, and even filling gaps in walls and ceilings.

Q: What region inspires these corks?

A: These corks are inspired by Portuguese craftsmanship, known for its high-quality cork products.

Embrace versatility and reliability with our Tapered Corks #2. Packaged in bulk to sustain your winemaking, homebrewing, and crafting adventures, these corks deliver not just quantity but also unparalleled quality.