Tapered Cork #5 - 100 Per Pack (22x17x13 mm)

Tapered Cork #5 - 100 Per Pack (22x17x13 mm)

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Seal the Quality, Unleash the Craft

Immerse yourself in homebrewing, winemaking, and creative crafting with our top-tier Tapered Corks #5. Boasting a sturdy, natural elasticity, these corks are your perfect partner for projects requiring a fail-proof seal. In a pack of 100, these corks pave the way for endless possibilities in crafting endeavours.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 22x17x13 mm | 0.87x0.67x0.51 in | 7/8x43/64x33/64 in
  • Crafting and Brewing Ready: Seamless integration with homebrew and winemaking activities.
  • Eco-Friendly Natural Material: Elasticity and durability you can count on.
  • Customizable Fit: Cut to suit your specific bottling or crafting requirements.
  • High-Value Pack: 100 corks in a pack, offering long-lasting usability.


Q: What's the size specification of Tapered Corks #5?

A: The Tapered Corks #5 come in dimensions of 22x17x13, ideal for various bottling and crafting projects.

Q: How many corks are included in each package?

A: Every package includes 100 corks, giving ample supply for ongoing or large projects.

Q: Are these corks well-suited for homebrewing and winemaking?

A: The elasticity and natural material make these corks ideal for secure sealing in homebrew and winemaking projects.

Q: Can I alter the size to fit my specific needs?

A: Absolutely. These corks can easily be cut down to your required dimensions.

Q: What other applications do these corks serve?

A: Apart from bottling, these corks are perfect for arts and crafts, packaging, and lab applications.

Q: Where do these corks draw their inspiration from?

A: While they are not attributed to a specific region, their design is inspired by global standards for high-quality cork products.

Tapered Corks #5 redefines reliability and versatility for all your homebrew, winemaking, and craft-making projects. Whether sealing the finest homebrew or adding the finishing touch to a craft project, these corks ensure every endeavour succeeds. A 100-count pack provides abundant opportunities for creativity while maintaining top-tier quality in sealing.