Tapered Cork #7 - 100 Per Pack (26x20x16 mm)

Tapered Cork #7 - 100 Per Pack (26x20x16 mm)

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Seal the Deal With Quality and Versatility 

Discover the pinnacle of versatility with our Tapered Corks #7. Whether you're into homebrewing, winemaking, or craft-making, these natural, elastic corks are engineered to deliver a tight seal every time—this pack of 100 offers you ample supply for your myriad projects. 

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 26x20x16 mm | 1.02x0.79x0.63 in | 1-1/32x25/32x41/64 in
  • Natural Elasticity: Ensures a snug, reliable seal for your homebrew or wine bottles.
  • Bulk Pack of 100: Never run out during a project.
  • Cut-to-Fit Design: Adapt to different project requirements effortlessly.
  • Versatile Applications: These corks cover all your needs, from arts and crafts to laboratory use.


Q: What are the exact dimensions of these Tapered Corks #7?

A: These corks have dimensions of 26x20x16, making them ideal for an array of bottle sizes and crafting needs.

Q: How many corks come in one pack?

A: One pack comes with 100 corks, ensuring you won't run out quickly.

Q: Are these corks suitable for both homebrewing and winemaking?

A: Absolutely; the natural elasticity of these corks guarantees a secure seal, perfect for homebrews and wines.

Q: Can I trim these corks?

A: These corks can be easily customized to fit unique project dimensions.

Q: What other applications are possible with these corks?

A: Beyond just sealing bottles, these corks are excellent for arts and crafts projects, laboratory applications, and even for sealing food packaging.

Q: Where do these corks get their design inspiration?

A: While not attributed to a specific region, they are crafted based on best practices for high-quality and versatile cork design.

Our Tapered Corks #7 brings a seamless blend of functionality and natural materials to your homebrewing, winemaking, and craft-making endeavours. Available in a generous bulk pack, they are the go-to sealing solution for various applications.