Tapered Cork #14 - 10 per Pack (32x32x26 mm)

Tapered Cork #14 - 10 per Pack (32x32x26 mm)

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Unmatched Versatility. Exceptional Sealing. 

Embrace versatility and elevate your homebrew, craft-making, and winemaking projects with our high-quality Tapered Cork #14. Offering superior sealing capabilities, these corks are your ideal companion for various applications, taking your project to the next level.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 32x32x26 mm | 1.26x1.26x1.02 in | 1-17/64x1-17/64x1-1/64 in
  • Natural Elasticity Ensures Tight Seals: No more worries about leaks or spoilage.
  • 10-Pack Offering: Ideal for both small and large projects.
  • Customizable Fit: Easily cut to adapt to different-sized openings.
  • Multi-Use: Not just for bottles—also great for lab work, crafts, and household fixes.


Q: What are the exact dimensions of these #14 Tapered Corks?

A: These corks measure 32x32x26, allowing a broad range of sealing applications.

Q: How many corks are there in a pack?

A: Each pack has ten corks, great for small to medium-sized projects.

Q: Can I cut the corks for a custom fit?

A: These corks can be easily customized to seal various-sized openings securely.

Q: Are these corks suitable for long-term storage of wines and homebrews?

A: Absolutely; their natural elasticity assures a durable, tight seal for extended periods.

Q: What else can I use these corks for besides sealing bottles?

A: They're versatile enough for lab applications, arts and crafts, and even minor household repairs.

Q: Where are these corks made? 

A: These high-quality corks draw inspiration from global sealing traditions and don't claim to originate from any specific region.

Enhance the quality and versatility of your crafts and brews with Tapered Cork #14. Your projects deserve nothing less.