Tapered Cork #19 - 10 per Pack (38x43x36 mm)

Tapered Cork #19 - 10 per Pack (38x43x36 mm)

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Unleash Your Crafting Potential with the Ultimate Seal

Unlock the door to impeccable homebrewing, winemaking, and craft-making with our top-grade Tapered Cork #19. Packed in a set of 10, these corks serve as a premium sealing solution for a broad array of applications. They're indispensable to any crafter's toolkit, designed for flexibility and durability. 

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 38x43x36 mm | 1.50x1.69x1.42 in | 1-1/2x1-43/64x1-7/16 in
  • Exceptional Elasticity: Ensures a long-lasting, airtight seal every time.
  • Easy Customization: This can be trimmed effortlessly to adapt to your needs.
  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for homebrewing, winemaking, and various crafts.
  • Value Pack of 10: Ideal for multiple projects or extended use.


Q: What are the dimensions of these tapered corks? A: The corks come in dimensions of 38x43x36, making them versatile for multiple applications.

Q: How elastic are they? A: Engineered with natural elasticity, these corks provide a robust and dependable seal.

Q: Can I trim or cut these corks? A: Absolutely. The corks can be easily trimmed to suit different bottle or project sizes.

Q: How many corks are included in a single pack? A: Each package contains a set of 10 tapered corks, giving you ample supply for your projects.

Q: Are these corks appropriate for food and drink? A: Yes, they are suitable for sealing bottles in homebrewing winemaking and food packaging applications.

Q: Where are these products inspired from? A: These corks draw inspiration from globally renowned cork craftsmanship traditions.

Embrace the pinnacle of crafting, homebrewing, and winemaking with our Tapered Cork #19. Offered in a 10-pack, these corks are the missing piece to perfecting your project. Experience the ideal seal today!