Spigot with Metal Key for Barrel (21 cm | 8.27 in)

Spigot with Metal Key for Barrel (21 cm | 8.27 in)

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Pour Precision, Crafted in Europe. Unlock the Flow. Control the Craft.

For wineries, crafting aficionados, and winemakers at heart, our Spigot with Metal Key for Barrel encapsulates both simplicity and control. Engineered in Germany, this essential tool seamlessly integrates with your winemaking process, allowing precise dispensing from barrels. Whether you're working with wine, beer, or oil, the spigot ensures every drop is accounted for, and the metal key offers unparalleled control. Elevate your craft with precision; choose our Spigot with Metal Key.

Key Features:

  • Exact Fit: Tailored for barrels with an ideal length of 21 cm or 8.27 inches.
  • Total Control: Easily regulate liquid flow with the integrated metal key.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for wine, beer, or oil dispensation.
  • Durable Design: Built for longevity with European quality assurance.
  • Clean Dispensing: Packed with care in aseptic environments for maximum purity.


Q: What is the primary function of this spigot? A: The spigot is designed to control the dispensation of liquids from barrels precisely.

Q: Is the metal key easy to use and turn? A: The metal key provides a comfortable grip, allowing for easy tightening or loosening.

Q: Can it fit barrels other than wine? A: Absolutely, it's versatile and can be used for dispensing wine, beer, or oil.

Q: What is the material composition of the spigot? A: The spigot is crafted for durability and is designed with high-quality components.

Q: How do I maintain the spigot for longevity? A: Regular cleaning and ensuring it's adequately tightened when not in use will prolong its lifespan.

Q: Where is this spigot made? A: Embodying German engineering, the spigot is proudly made in Europe.