Geordie Yorkshire Bitter - Light, Full-Bodied Ale with a Touch of Sweetness and Creamy Head(1.5 kg | 3.3 Lb)

Geordie Yorkshire Bitter - Light, Full-Bodied Ale with a Touch of Sweetness and Creamy Head(1.5 kg | 3.3 Lb)

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Master the Craft with Authentic Yorkshire Flavor!

Dive into the heart of home brewing with Geordie Yorkshire Bitter. This light, full-bodied ale embraces a touch of sweetness and a creamy head, promising an unparalleled sensory journey for beer enthusiasts. Representing a legacy of unmatched quality and value, every Geordie pint is a testament to our dedication to home brewers. The Geordie Liquid Kits epitomize hassle-free brewing. Precision and expertise guide the preparation of the wort from malted barley and hops, resulting in a concentrated marvel. Blend it with sugar and hot water, reach the volume of 40 pints with cold water, and let the special brewing yeast work its magic.

After roughly a week of fermentation, transfer your creation into bottles or a pressure barrel for an additional ten days. The wait culminates in a Geordie Yorkshire Bitter that’s nothing short of perfection.

Key Features:

  • Full Sensory Delight: Enjoy a light colour, full-bodied taste, and a touch of sweetness crowned by a creamy head.
  • Unwavering Trust: With Geordie, you’re banking on quality. Each Yorkshire Bitter kit underscores our promise of reliability and consistency.
  • Remarkable Value: Quality beer shouldn’t break the bank. Geordie offers premium brewing experiences at friendly prices.
  • Effortless Brewing: Novice or pro, Geordie Liquid Kits streamline the brewing process, guiding you to your ideal pint effortlessly. 


Q: How long is the fermentation period for Geordie Yorkshire Bitter? A: The typical fermentation time for Geordie Yorkshire Bitter spans one week. This phase sees the yeast converting wort sugars into alcohol, cultivating distinct flavours and aromas.

Q: Can aging enhance Geordie Yorkshire Bitter’s taste? A: Absolutely! Though ready post-fermentation, maturing it for ten days post-bottling or pressure-barrel transfer refines its taste, making it even more delightful.

Q: Is the Geordie Liquid Kit beginner-friendly? A: Yes! Geordie Liquid Kits cater to both beginners and seasoned brewers, ensuring everyone crafts excellent beer with ease.

Q: What’s the yield of a Geordie Liquid Kit? A: One kit brews around 40 pints, ensuring a hearty stock to relish and share.

Note: Equipment and supplies are sold separately, packaged in the UK.