5 Bags & 1 Box | Golden Cluster Grand Reserve (5 L | 1.32 gal)

5 Bags & 1 Box | Golden Cluster Grand Reserve (5 L | 1.32 gal)

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5 Bags & 1 Box | Golden Cluster Grand Reserve (5 L | 1.32 gal): Luxurious, Sustainable Wine Packaging

Canadian Elegance Meets Eco-Friendly Design for Premium Beverages

Introduce an air of sophistication to your beverage storage with our Golden Cluster Grand Reserve Bag-in-Box set, consisting of 1 box and 5 bags, each capable of holding 5 liters (1.32 US gallons). This elegant packaging solution is perfect for wineries, upscale beverage services, and eco-conscious connoisseurs. The bags are single-use systems, excellently crafted to prolong the shelf life of liquids like wine. Their food-safe nature makes them suitable for all non-carbonated drinks, boasting environmental benefits such as significant waste reduction and an 80% lower carbon footprint than a standard 75cL glass bottle. Each bag is meticulously designed to prevent external air contamination, preserving the contents’ freshness and quality for weeks after opening, and features a tamper-evident original tap for secure dispensing.

The accompanying box, adorned with the luxurious Golden Cluster Grand Reserve design, is stylish and refillable, offering an ideal alternative to traditional bottles. The box's construction includes a folding interlocking base and a front panel that doesn't require tape, enhancing its usability and sustainability. This box is food-safe and apt for storing and dispensing various non-carbonated drinks, including water, juices, and squash.

Key Features:

  • Elegant Design: Golden Cluster Grand Reserve pattern, perfect for high-end presentation.
  • Practical Capacity: Each bag holds 5 liters, suitable for various beverages.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Offers significant waste reduction and lower carbon footprint.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for storing and dispensing non-carbonated drinks.
  • Secure Tap Mechanism: Ensures safe and convenient dispensing.
  • Sustainable Box: Refillable and easy to assemble, reducing the need for single-use bottles.
  • Canadian Quality: Reflects commitment to innovation and eco-friendly packaging.


Q: What beverages can be stored in these bags and box? A: They are perfect for various non-carbonated beverages, from luxury wines to everyday drinks.

Q: How does this packaging benefit the environment? A: By reducing waste and having a significantly lower carbon footprint than glass bottles.

Q: Is the tap on the bags secure for dispensing? A: Yes, the tamper-evident tap ensures safe and controlled dispensing.

Q: Can the box be reused for other storage purposes? A: Absolutely, the box is designed for refillable use, making it a versatile choice for sustainable packaging.

Q: Why choose a Canadian-made product for wine packaging? A: Canadian-made products are known for their quality and commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions.