Flagship Kit Hazy IPA | Craft Your Own Juicy and Flavourful New England-Style IPA (3 kg | 6.6 Lb)

Flagship Kit Hazy IPA | Craft Your Own Juicy and Flavourful New England-Style IPA (3 kg | 6.6 Lb)

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Unleash the Haze. Discover the Flavor.

Dive into the vibrant universe of the New England IPA with our exclusive Hazy IPA Flagship Kit. Every component, from the two inclusive cans to the sugar, is methodically arranged to assist you in brewing an enticing 20L batch of this golden yellow elixir.

Venture into the misty realms of this IPA, alive with zesty citrus, grapefruit essence, and a harmonious blend of tropical and stone fruit notes. With 30g of Citra and 30g of Mosaic hops, expect a mesmerizing aroma that promises a gustatory adventure.

The haze is more than just a visual treat; it's the soul of our Hazy IPA. At a 5% ABV, it fuses hop fervour with minimal malt undertones, promising a drink as refreshing as it is flavoursome. The Hazy IPA Flagship Kit, enriched with 3 kilograms of unparalleled ingredients, is your ticket to a brew on par with revered craft beer maestros.

Key Features:

  • Juicy Explosion: Delight in the tropical medley of citrus, grapefruit, and exotic fruits, ensuring each sip is a refreshment saga.
  • Hazy IPA Distinction: Revel in the quintessence of New England IPA, characterized by its enchanting haze, subdued malt, and hoppy euphoria.
  • Brewer's Complete Set: Two cans, sugar, and a promise of excellence – everything you need for 20L of scintillating Hazy IPA.
  • Glow of Gold: The lustrous golden yellow shade beckons, a visual testament to the Hazy IPA's rich lineage.
  • Hop Artistry: Featuring 30g each of Citra and Mosaic hops, these hop pellets are the aromatic artisans behind the brew's unparalleled scent.
  • European Craftsmanship: A creation of European brewing virtuosos, our kit echoes an enduring commitment to brewing finesse. 


Q: What's the anticipated fermentation time for the Hazy IPA? A: Typically, the fermentation spans 7 to 14 days. However, variables like temperature and yeast variety play a role. Adhering to the guidelines and monitoring specific gravity is paramount for peak results.

Q: Keen on amplifying the hop aroma via dry hopping? A: Certainly! Dry hopping is a pathway to a heightened hop fragrance. Introducing extra hop pellets during fermentation can magnify the aroma, giving you an even more aromatic IPA.

Q: Does this kit come equipped with yeast for the fermentation dance? A: Indeed, the Hazy IPA Flagship Kit houses a yeast strain handpicked to accentuate the IPA's character and streamline the fermentation journey.

Note: Equipment and supplies are sold separately, packaged in the UK.