Mountmellick Newkie Brown Ale - Dark and Smooth Brew with Nutty Character (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)

Mountmellick Newkie Brown Ale - Dark and Smooth Brew with Nutty Character (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)

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A Nutty Note in Every Sip. 

Dive into the deep allure of Mountmellick Newkie Brown Ale, a meticulously crafted beer presenting a harmonious blend of dark smoothness with delightful nutty undertones. Every sip is an ode to tradition, offering a transcendent drinking experience at cellar temperature.

Traverse back to the fifteenth century, when the vivacious settlement of Mountmellick flourished beside the serene Owenass, fondly dubbed the "river of the falls." This spirited locale embraced a community teeming with industrious spirits, encompassing breweries, distilleries, and more. Drawing breath from this vivid past, Mountmellick Malt Extracts and Beer Kits channel the ancient Irish recipe. With a focus on the pristine two-row barley malts, they symbolize unparalleled consistency, sheer purity, and unmatched quality.

Key Features:

  • Velvety Indulgence: Lose yourself in the deep, smooth essence of Mountmellick Newkie Brown Ale.
  • Signature Nutty Flair: Relish the unique nutty depth that adds a distinctive twist, enhancing the tasting journey.
  • Optimal Temperature Serving: Best savoured at cellar temperature, unlocking the multifaceted flavours of the ale.
  • Echoes of Irish Authenticity: Each Mountmellick Malt Extract and Beer Kit reverberates with the timeless Irish brewing essence.
  • Brewing Excellence: Count on consistent quality with the meticulous crafting of the finest two-row barley malts, promising a superior brewing encounter every time.


Q: What's the best storage method for Mountmellick Newkie Brown Ale? A: Preserve its unmatched taste by storing Mountmellick Newkie Brown Ale in a cool, dry setting shielded from direct sunlight.

Q: Can the serving temperature for Mountmellick Newkie Brown Ale be modified? A: While cellar temperature is recommended to embrace its flavours truly, you can adjust according to your taste. Find the temperature that accentuates your drinking pleasure.

Q: Is it feasible for novices to use Mountmellick Malt Extracts and Beer Kits? A: Undoubtedly! Tailored for rookies and seasoned brewers, Mountmellick Malt Extracts and Beer Kits provide detailed guidelines and superior ingredients. A brewing adventure awaits all enthusiasts.

Experience a genuine taste of brewing history with Mountmellick Newkie Brown Ale. Here's to a flavorful journey!

Note: Equipment and supplies are sold separately, packaged in the UK.