Red Wine Raisins Pack of 2 (250 g | 8.82 oz)
Red Wine Raisins Pack of 2 (250 g | 8.82 oz)
Red Wine Raisins Pack of 2 (250 g | 8.82 oz)

Red Wine Raisins Pack of 2 (250 g | 8.82 oz)

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Elevate Your Winemaking: Canadian Red Wine Raisins for Richness and Depth

Transform Your Winemaking with Canadian Red Wine Raisins

Introduce our Canadian Red Wine Raisins, weighing 250 g (8.8 oz), into your winemaking process to naturally enhance the body and complexity of your red wines. These premium quality raisins, sourced from Canada, act as a natural sweetener and yeast nutrient, ideal for crafting fuller-bodied, robust red wines.

Key Features:

  • Natural Sweetening: Adds sugars to the fermentation process, enhancing the wine’s body and potential alcohol content.
  • Richer Body: Contributes to a more substantial, full-bodied palate experience.
  • Yeast Nutrition: Offers essential nutrients to yeast, aiding in a healthy fermentation process.
  • Pure and Natural: Carefully sourced from Canada for superior quality.
  • Easy to Incorporate: This can be added directly to the must, simplifying the winemaking process.


Q: What role do Red Wine Raisins play in winemaking? A: They naturally enhance the wine’s sugar content and provide nutrients to the yeast, resulting in a fuller-bodied wine.

Q: How many raisins should I add to my wine? A: Typically, a handful per gallon of wine enriches the body and aids fermentation.

Q: Can these raisins replace commercial wine nutrients? A: Yes, they are a natural alternative, providing essential nourishment to the yeast.

Q: Are Red Wine Raisins only suitable for red wine fermentation? A: They are ideal for red wine but can be used in any wine type where added body and sweetness are desired.

Q: Do I need to prepare the raisins before adding them to my wine? A: No, they can be added directly to the must for convenience.

Our Canadian Red Wine Raisins aren’t just an ingredient but a testament to the tradition and craft of winemaking. By incorporating them into your process, you’ll experience a noticeable enhancement in the richness and complexity of your homemade wines. Embrace the full potential of your winemaking with these natural, flavorful additions.