Rossio Whole Bean Coffee Taste of Portugal (1 kg | 2.2 Lb)

Rossio Whole Bean Coffee Taste of Portugal (1 kg | 2.2 Lb)

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Savor the Portuguese Essence: Rossio Whole Bean Coffee – Medium Roast Perfection!

Journey to Portugal in Every Brew!

Elevate your coffee ritual with Rossio Whole Bean Coffee, the Taste of Portugal in a bag! Each bean brings forward a luxurious, smooth, and chocolatey flavor that characterizes the rich coffee culture of Portugal. Our medium roast promises a unique, non-bitter taste, owing to the lighter roasting process prevalent in Portugal, distinct from the Italian espresso culture. With half a century in the craft, we deliver an authentic Portuguese coffee experience to coffee lovers worldwide.  

Key Features

  • Portuguese Authenticity: Medium roast whole beans deliver the unique taste of Portugal.
  • Smooth Flavor Profile: Every sip offers a chocolatey, smooth, and non-bitter flavor.
  • Quality and Experience: Perfected with 50 years of experience in Portuguese coffee craftsmanship.
  • Versatile Brewing: Ideal for various brewing methods, including espresso.
  • Generous Quantity: Each bag contains 1 kg | 2.2 lb of premium, flavorful whole-bean coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the taste of Portuguese espresso differ from Italian espresso?
A: Portuguese espresso is known for its smoother, non-bitter, and lighter roasted flavor profile, distinguishing it from the often more robust and intensely roasted Italian espresso.

Q: Is this product actually from Portugal?
A: While inspired by the rich coffee traditions of Portugal, it doesn’t claim to originate from there. However, it certainly delivers the authentic taste of Portuguese coffee.

Q: Can these beans be used for brewing methods other than espresso?
A: Absolutely, the Rossio Whole Bean Coffee is versatile and can be used with various brewing methods.

Q: How should I store the whole beans for optimal freshness?
A: Store them in an airtight container in a cool, dark place to maintain flavor and freshness.

Q: Can I grind these beans in a single-serve coffee maker?
A: The beans can be ground to your preferred coarseness or fineness to suit your coffee maker's requirements.

Q: How much coffee does one bag make?
A: One bag of Rossio Whole Bean Coffee weighs 1 kg | 2.2 lb and can make approximately 140 cups of coffee, depending on your preferred strength and brewing method.

Indulge in the nuanced, smooth flavors of Rossio Whole Bean Coffee, and let every sip be a mini-vacation to the coffee-loving nation of Portugal!