Rubber Stopper #09 Solid 3 per Pack (1-49/64 x 1-29/64 x 1 in | 45 x 37 x 25 mm)

Rubber Stopper #09 Solid 3 per Pack (1-49/64 x 1-29/64 x 1 in | 45 x 37 x 25 mm)

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Rubber Stopper #09 Solid: High-Efficiency Sealing for Demanding Applications

Top-Level Performance in Secure Sealing

Upgrade to the Rubber Stopper #09 Solid, expertly designed and manufactured in the USA to provide the ultimate sealing solution for challenging environments. Crafted from the finest quality rubber, these stoppers offer exceptional sealing performance and are ideal for use in scientific laboratories, home brewing systems, and any setting requiring airtight closures to prevent leaks and contamination.

The Rubber Stopper #09 is meticulously sized at 1-49/64 x 1-29/64 x 1 inches (45 x 37 x 25 mm), ensuring it fits a broad spectrum of containers, from large laboratory flasks to various storage bottles. Its robust, solid design is pivotal in maintaining the purity of contents by effectively preventing leaks or external contamination, thereby safeguarding the integrity of sensitive experiments or brews. 

Key Features:

  • Material: Constructed from premium-grade rubber, known for its durability and elasticity.
  • Size: Dimensioned at 1-49/64 x 1-29/64 x 1 inches (45 x 37 x 25 mm).
  • Solid Design: Guarantees an airtight and leak-proof seal.
  • USA Made: Produced with high standards of American craftsmanship.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for laboratories, home brewing, and other container sealing needs.
  • Reliable Sealing: Delivers a secure, leak-proof barrier.
  • Reusable: Designed for multiple uses without degradation in quality.
  • Universal Compatibility: Suitable for a wide array of bottle and flask sizes.
  • Quality Assurance: Manufactured in the USA to ensure top performance and reliability.


Q: Can these stoppers withstand extreme temperature variations? A: These stoppers are crafted to handle moderate to high temperatures; however, it's recommended to check specific temperature requirements for your particular application.

Q: Are these stoppers appropriate for fermenting processes? A: These stoppers provide excellent storage solutions but could be better for fermenting processes that require airlocks due to their solid design.

Q: Is the rubber material of these stoppers safe for use with food? A: Yes, the rubber is of high quality and generally suitable for use with food and beverages, assuming compliance with relevant health and safety standards.

Q: How durable are these stoppers for repeated use? A: These stoppers are built to last, maintaining their effectiveness and integrity through numerous uses, ensuring long-term value and performance.

Choose our Rubber Stopper #09 Solid for your most critical sealing needs, whether in professional settings or for personal projects. These stoppers ensure dependable and robust sealing capabilities, making them an essential tool for anyone requiring a high-quality, reliable seal.