Champagne Foil Black with Gold Stripe 100 per Pack (34 mm x 12mm |1.3 in x 4.7 in)

Champagne Foil Black with Gold Stripe 100 per Pack (34 mm x 12mm |1.3 in x 4.7 in)

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Make Every Pour a Luxurious Affair

Elevate the presentation of your champagne and sparkling wine bottles with our elegant poly laminate foils. Perfect for enthusiasts in homebrew, craft-making, and winemaking, these foils are a seal of freshness and a mark of sophistication. With origins rooted in Europe, our foils ensure that every bottle you present stands out, whether in your cellar, on your table, or as a cherished gift.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Poly Laminate Material: Crafted with layers of aluminum and polyethylene, offering optimal protection.
  • Universal Size for Champagne Bottles: They easily fit most bottles with a width of 34mm (1.34 inches) and a length of 120mm (4.72 inches).
  • Elegant Black Finish: Enhance your bottle's appearance, making it perfect for special occasions or gifts.
  • Ensures Freshness: Keeps your champagne and sparkling wine sealed and fresh until it's poured.
  • Pack of 100: Ensuring you have ample supply for multiple bottles.


Q: How many foils are in one pack? A: Each selling unit contains 100 foils.

Q: Can these foils be used on regular wine bottles? A: While primarily designed for champagne and sparkling wine, they may fit some regular wine bottles, given their size specifications.

Q: Are the dimensions suitable for most champagne bottles? A: Yes, with a width of 34mm and a length of 120mm, these foils are universally fitting for most champagne bottles.

Q: Do the foils come in any other colors? A: Currently, our foils are available in an elegant black finish.

Q: Can I use these for homemade wine or craft brews? A: Absolutely! They are perfect for homebrew, craft-making, and winemaking enthusiasts looking to add a touch of elegance to their bottles.

Q: Are these foils difficult to apply to bottles? A: They are designed for easy application to ensure your bottles look professional and well-protected.