Champagne Foil Gold 100 per Pack (34 mm x 12mm |1.3 in x 4.7 in)

Champagne Foil Gold 100 per Pack (34 mm x 12mm |1.3 in x 4.7 in)

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Gold Champagne Foil Protector: The Finishing Touch for Your Sparkling Wines

Infuse elegance into your homebrew, craft-making, and winemaking projects with our Gold Champagne Foil Protectors. Perfectly measured and designed for champagne and sparkling wine bottles, these foils offer reliable protection and bring a touch of luxury to your presentations. Rooted in European inspirations, these foils are the unsung heroes, ensuring each bottle you display or gift is at its peak of presentation.

Key Features:

  • Premium Material Composition: Made with layers of aluminum and polyethylene for optimal cork and wire hood protection.
  • Tailored Dimensions: Featuring a width of 34mm (1.34 inches) and a length of 120mm (4.72 inches), ensuring a snug fit for most bottles.
  • Golden Touch: Gold color that gives your bottles a luxurious and polished look.
  • Pack of 100: Generous quantity for batch bottling sessions.
  • European Inspiration: Drawing upon European elegance to elevate the appearance of every bottle.


Q: How many foils come in one package? A: Each pack contains 100 gold foils.

Q: Are these foils suitable for other types of wine bottles? A: They are primarily designed for champagne and sparkling wine but might fit some regular wine bottles due to their size.

Q: What are the precise measurements of the foils? A: The foils are 34mm in width and 120mm in length, translating to approximately 1.34 inches and 4.72 inches, respectively.

Q: Do the foils come in any other colors? A: Currently, we offer these in a luxurious gold color. 

Q: Is the application process for these foils straightforward? A: The foils are designed for easy application, making your bottles look professional.

Q: Are the foils durable? A: Comprised of aluminum and polyethylene layers, the foils are designed to offer robust protection to the cork and wire hood.