Straining Bags Nylon Pack of 5 (25 L | 6.6 gal)
Straining Bags Nylon Pack of 5 (25 L | 6.6 gal)
Straining Bags Nylon Pack of 5 (25 L | 6.6 gal)
Straining Bags Nylon Pack of 5 (25 L | 6.6 gal)
Straining Bags Nylon Pack of 5 (25 L | 6.6 gal)
Straining Bags Nylon Pack of 5 (25 L | 6.6 gal)

Straining Bags Nylon Pack of 5 (25 L | 6.6 gal)

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Enhance Your Brewing and Cooking with Durable Nylon Straining Bags

Versatile and Robust Nylon Straining Bags for Culinary and Brewing Excellence

Elevate your culinary and brewing processes with our Nylon Straining Bags, perfectly sized for 25 L (6.6 gallons) pails. These bags are designed to hold up to 22 lbs (10 Kg) of fruit, making them ideal for straining juice from loose fruit pulp before or after initial fermentation. Crafted from food-grade nylon, these bags are safe for food and beverage use and offer durability and resilience.

Apart from being excellent for fruit juice straining, these nylon bags are also perfect for beer wort sparging bags or large hop and grain boiling bags during the brewing process. They can hold grains, herbs, berries, or hops during the steeping or boiling process, offering versatility across various culinary activities.

Each bag features a wider opening and drawstring, making it practical and easy to pour contents into. These user-friendly design elements ensure convenience and efficiency in your kitchen or brewery. The bags are easy to clean and maintain; they can be quickly rinsed, air-dried, washable, and reusable, ensuring long-term durability. Whether you're a home brewer, professional chef, or culinary enthusiast, these Nylon Straining Bags are an essential tool for your kitchen or brewery.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: Designed for 25 L (6.6 gallons) pails.
  • Material: Made from food-grade nylon for safe use.
  • High Capacity: Can hold up to 22 lbs (10 Kg) of fruit.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for straining juices, wort sparging, and boiling grains or hops.
  • User-Friendly Design: Wider opening with a drawstring for practicality.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple to clean, air dry, washable, reusable, and durable.
  • Product Quality: Crafted for reliability and long-term use.


  • Q: Can these bags be used for other purposes besides fruit straining? A: Yes, they are versatile for various culinary and brewing needs, including holding grains, herbs, and hops.
  • Q: How do I clean the nylon-straining bags? A: They can be easily cleaned with mild detergent, rinsed thoroughly, and air-dried.
  • Q: Are these bags durable enough for repeated use? A: Absolutely; they are designed to be washable, reusable, and durable for multiple uses.

Our nylon-straining bags are not just tools. They are a game-changer in your kitchen or brewery, bringing functionality, practicality, and durability to your culinary and brewing activities. Order now and make your processes more efficient and enjoyable!