Champagne Wire Hood Gold Disc 100 Per Pack

Champagne Wire Hood Gold Disc 100 Per Pack

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Add a Touch of Luxury with Gold Disc Champagne Wire Hoods

Elegant and Durable: Gold Disc Champagne Wire Hoods for Perfect Sealing

Our Gold Disc Champagne Wire Hoods, available in a pack of 100, are ideal for adding a luxurious touch to your Champagne bottling. Each pack contains 100 wire hoods crafted from high-quality galvanized and lacquered material, ensuring elegance and durability. These standard-sized wire hoods, featuring a sophisticated gold color, come with a complimentary belt and are finished with a traditional twist design. Specifically tailored for natural Champagne corks, they provide an excellent seal while protecting against corrosion. Made in Italy, these wire hoods blend functionality with an exquisite aesthetic, making them perfect for home winemakers and professional vintners. 

Key Features:

  • Luxurious Gold Color: Adds a premium look to your Champagne bottles.
  • High-Quality Material: Made from galvanized and lacquered material for corrosion resistance.
  • Classic Design: Traditional twist finish for a professional and secure seal.
  • Compatibility: Designed specifically for use with natural Champagne corks.
  • Complete Pack: Each pack contains 100 wire hoods, ensuring ample supply for bottling.
  • Italian Craftsmanship: Proudly produced in Italy, synonymous with quality and elegance.


Q: Are these wire hoods suitable for all Champagne bottle sizes? A: They are designed for standard Champagne bottles and are best used with natural Champagne corks.

Q: Can I reuse these wire hoods? A: They are primarily intended for single use, but careful handling may allow for limited reuse.

Q: Is the belt included with the wire hoods necessary for application? A: The belt assists in securing the wire hood and is an integral part of the design.

Q: How do these wire hoods prevent corrosion? A: The galvanized and lacquered material protects against environmental factors.

Q: Are these wire hoods easy to apply? A: They are designed for straightforward application with a traditional twist finish for a secure fit.

Elevate the sophistication of your Champagne bottling with our Italian-made Gold Disc Champagne Wire Hoods. Perfect for ensuring the safety and integrity of your sparkling wines, these wire hoods are a must-have for those seeking an extra touch of elegance.