Tamper Evident PP Closure Pack of 100 (28 mm = | 1.1 inches)

Tamper Evident PP Closure Pack of 100 (28 mm = | 1.1 inches)

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Ensure Product Integrity with Our PP Tamper tamper-evident closures.

Top-Grade Security for Your Bottles: 28 mm Tamper Evident Closures for Reliable Sealing

Introduce a new level of security and professionalism to your bottling process with our pack of 100 PP Tamper tamper-evident closures, each measuring 28 mm (1.1 inches). Crafted in the United States, these closures are designed to fit P.E.T. beer bottles and other containers, providing a leak-proof and tamper-evident seal. The fine-ribbed sidewall ensures optimal grip and easy usability, while the innovative wing-style tamper-evident band allows for effortless application. Each closure comes with a compression-molded EVA liner, enhancing its sealing capabilities. Additionally, these closures can pressure retention up to 4.2 gas volumes, making them perfect for soft drinks and water. Customizable features like under-the-cap (UTC) and over-the-cap (OTC) printing are available alongside a flat top surface for labeling. 

Key Features:

  • Secure Tamper-Evident Design: Wing-style band indicates any tampering, ensuring product integrity.
  • High Compatibility: Fits standard 28 mm neck bottles, suitable for P.E.T. beer bottles and more.
  • Durable Material: Made from PP (Polypropylene) for strength and long-term use.
  • Pressure Retention: Suitable for carbonated beverages, maintaining up to 4.2 gas volumes.
  • Customization Options: These are available with printing and labeling capabilities for brand enhancement.


Q: Are these closures compatible with various bottle types? A: They are designed to fit any bottle with a 28 mm neck, making them versatile for various products.

Q: How influential are these closures in preventing leaks? A: They offer excellent leak-proof capabilities, especially suitable for carbonated beverages.

Q: Can these closures be customized for branding? A: Absolutely, we offer UTC and OTC printing options for branding and labeling purposes.

Q: Is the tamper-evident feature easy to use? A: Yes, the wing-style tamper-evident band is designed for easy application and unambiguous indication of tampering.

Q: Are these closures suitable for high-pressure contents? A: They can retain up to 4.2 gas volumes, making them ideal for carbonated drinks.