Filter Pads #3 Sterile Round Solid Bundle of 25 (22 cm | 8 1.06 in)

Filter Pads #3 Sterile Round Solid Bundle of 25 (22 cm | 8 1.06 in)

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Unlock Flawless Filtration for Winemaking Perfection, Pure Precision in Every Pour 

Winemakers, vineyards, and crafters devoted to the fine art of wine and fruit press know the significance of pristine filtration. The Filter Pads #3 Sterile Round Solid Bundle is designed meticulously for post-fermentation clarity. Every Swiss-made pad ensures your wine embodies purity and authenticity, setting a new standard for winemaking aficionados.

Key Features:

  • Round and Robust: Perfectly shaped at 22 cm (8 11/16 in) for comprehensive coverage.
  • Post-Fermentation Perfection: Engineered for filtration after fermentation, ensuring crystal clarity.
  • Steady Flow Rate: Designed for a consistent 350 to 450 L/m2 h flow.
  • Swiss Assurance: Made from purified cellulose, devoid of GMOs, allergens, and harmful compounds.
  • Eco-Conscious Disposal: Recyclable, compostable, and safe for domestic waste when uncontaminated.


Q: How do these filter pads enhance the wine's clarity? A: Crafted for post-fermentation, they ensure every pour is impurities-free, elevating wine clarity.

Q: Are there any harmful components? A: Not. Our pads boast FDA-approved, food-grade materials free from GMOs, allergens, plastic fibers, and formaldehyde.

Q: How should I store these filter pads? A: Keep them in their original packaging in a dry, odor-free, and airy environment for optimal longevity.

Q: Can these pads be recycled? A: Yes, when uncontaminated, they're recyclable, compostable, and suitable for household waste disposal.

Q: What does the "round solid" design offer? A: The round design ensures even and comprehensive filtration, optimizing clarity.

Q: Why trust a Swiss-made product? A: Swiss craftsmanship stands for precision and high quality, guaranteeing top-notch performance for your winemaking journey.

For Winemakers who Seek Purity and Precision.