Filter Pads AF20 100 per Pack (40 cm x 40 cm | 15 3/4 in x 15 3/4 in)

Filter Pads AF20 100 per Pack (40 cm x 40 cm | 15 3/4 in x 15 3/4 in)

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Swiss Precision Meets Winemaking Brilliance, Craft Clarity with Every Press  

Presenting the Filter Pads AF20, your go-to companion in the winemaking realm. Engineered to perfection for vineyard enthusiasts, fruit-pressing artisans, and winemakers, this product encapsulates Swiss precision in ensuring your wines and juices manifest unparalleled purity. Embrace the excellence of AF20 and transform your winemaking journey.

Key Features:

  • Perfect Dimensions: 40 cm x 40 cm (15 3/4 in x 15 3/4 in) for comprehensive filtration coverage.
  • Post-Fermentation Clarity: Specifically crafted for immaculate filtration after the fermentation process.
  • Versatile Sterilization: Can be sterilized using hot water (85°C) or inline steam (125°C), ensuring absolute purity.
  • 3D Filtration Technology: The three-dimensional medium guarantees superior retention of solid particles even at high flow rates.
  • Safety First: Made from materials that are food-grade and FDA-approved.


Q: How do Filter Pads AF20 enhance the wine clarity? A: The three-dimensional filtration medium of AF20 efficiently retains solid particles, offering unmatched clarity after fermentation.

Q: Can I sterilize these pads more than once? A: They can be sterilized using hot water (85°C) or inline steam (125°C). However, for best results, follow usage guidelines.

Q: Are these pads safe for all kinds of wines and fruits? A: Absolutely! Made from FDA-approved, food-grade materials, they ensure a pure and untainted yield.

Q: What does the "Product of Switzerland" tag imply? A: It signifies the unmatched Swiss dedication to precision and quality, translating into top-notch filtration performance.

Q: How many times can the AF20 Filter Pads be used? A: While the pads are designed for durability, adhering to the recommended single-use ensures optimal clarity and safety.

Q: Will these pads alter the taste of my wine? A: No, the AF20 Filter Pads are designed to remove impurities without affecting the authentic flavours of your wine.

Unlock the Essence of Winemaking with Swiss Precision.