Tom Caxton Extra Strong Bitter - Embrace the Richness of a Winter Warmer Crafted for Lively Conversations (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)

Tom Caxton Extra Strong Bitter - Embrace the Richness of a Winter Warmer Crafted for Lively Conversations (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)

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Elevate Winter Evenings with Every Sip

Tom Caxton, Extra Strong Bitter, encapsulates the cozy embrace of a classic 'Winter Warmer'. Perfect for heartwarming conversations on chilly nights, its robust, malty essence is a testament to our dedication to craft. From the era of 1970s Britain, Tom Caxton championed the art of homebrew, making waves with powerful campaigns and establishing its presence in prime retail spots. With an uncompromising stance on quality, each beer kit promises unparalleled flavour powered by the finest malts, hops, and resilient yeast strains. Explore the Tom Caxton line and discover a beer kit that aligns with your taste preferences. Dive into the world of homebrewing, create distinguished brews, and keep the winter cold at bay.

Key Features:

  • Winter's Warm Embrace: Dive into the rich and malty notes of Tom Caxton's Extra Strong Bitter, a brew that epitomizes winter comfort.
  • Legacy of Excellence: A beacon of trust in the homebrew world, Tom Caxton represents dedication, quality, and storied heritage.
  • Pinnacle of Ingredients: Our unwavering standard ensures we utilize premium malts, hops, and robust yeast strains to deliver unmatched flavour.
  • Versatile Brewing Range: Catering to a spectrum of tastes, our kits mirror authentic beer experiences, covering classic to contemporary brews.
  • Brewer-Friendly Design: Tom Caxton's kits are user-centric, offering straightforward instructions for rookies and seasoned brewers.


Q: How long is the brewing cycle for Tom Caxton Extra Strong Bitter? A: Crafting Tom Caxton Ex Strong Bitter takes a few weeks, considering fermentation and the crucial maturing phase, ensuring depth in every sip.

Q: Can I tweak Tom Caxton, Ex Strong Bitter's potency? A: The Ex Strong Bitter's strength is precisely balanced for an optimum flavour experience. Adjustments might tamper with its signature taste. Adhering to our guidelines ensures the finest brew.

Q: Are newbies suited for Tom Caxton beer kits? A: Certainly! Tom Caxton's kits are tailored for all - from budding brewers to veterans. Our kits, infused with quality ingredients and clear guidance, promise a fulfilling brewing journey.

Q: What's the yield of a typical Tom Caxton kit? A: A standard Tom Caxton kit brings forth around 40 pints, guaranteeing a generous reservoir for you and your loved ones to relish.

Note: Equipment and supplies are sold separately, packaged in the UK.