Flagship West Coast IPA Beer Kit | Craft Your Own Bold and Resinous Classic IPA (3 kg | 6.6 Lb)

Flagship West Coast IPA Beer Kit | Craft Your Own Bold and Resinous Classic IPA (3 kg | 6.6 Lb)

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Craft. Sip. Revel: Journey Through Iconic IPA Flavors. 

Unravel the legendary vibes of the West Coast in your glass with our West Coast IPA Flagship Kit. This all-in-one package arms you with two cans and 1kg of brewing sugar, positioning you to masterfully craft a staggering 20L batch (35 pints) of this quintessential beer. 

Lose yourself in the vigorous spirit of our West Coast IPA. Blessed with the best of Chinook, Columbus, and Summit hop pellets, this drink radiates resinous and piney resonances, igniting a celebration for your taste buds. The hops reign supreme with a subtle malt backdrop, singing their bold tunes.

With an enticing ABV of 7%, our West Coast IPA paints your glass in mesmerizing pale yellow, a signature that beckons every IPA lover. The lingering fruity finale is a gentle nod to the meticulous craft and ardour synonymous with West Coast brewing lore.

Venture into the IPA universe with our West Coast IPA Flagship Kit. With everything in place, your brewing odyssey awaits, beckoning you to conjure a brew that resonates with the heart of West Coast ethos.

Key Features:

  • Hop Harmony: Dive deep into potent IPA flavours, championed by Chinook, Columbus, and Summit hops, resonating with piney and resinous notes.
  • Iconic Brew Essence: Relish the age-old West Coast brew magic, characterized by its unabashed hop dominance, understated malts, and unmistakable zest.
  • Brew Ready Kit: Equipped with two cans and 1kg brewing sugar, you're set to craft 20L of this iconic West Coast IPA.
  • Golden Invitations: The signature pale yellow beckons, inviting you to explore the depths of its hop-centric maze.
  • Balanced Brew: A rejuvenating, hearty brew with an ABV of 7%, promising a symphony of flavours, brewed to perfection.
  • European Craftsmanship: While honouring the West Coast tradition, our kit is meticulously crafted in Europe, merging the best of both worlds.


Q: Fancy tweaking the hop notes in the West Coast IPA? A: Absolutely! The beauty of brewing lies in its versatility. Tinker with hop introductions during the brewing stages, moulding the hop essence to your liking. Dry hopping can elevate aroma and flavour layers.

Q: What's the fermentation clock for the West Coast IPA? A: Typically, the fermentation dances between 7 to 14 days. Monitoring specific gravity and abiding by the kit guide ensures optimal flavour maturation and fermentation harmony.

Q: Does the magic box come with yeast for fermentation? A: Our West Coast IPA Flagship Kit encompasses a yeast strain meticulously chosen to echo the West Coast IPA legacy, ensuring a seamless fermentation odyssey.

Note: Equipment and supplies are sold separately, packaged in the UK.