Wine Yeast for Reds, Whites, & Sparkling Wines Pack of 5 (5 g | 0.17 oz)
Wine Yeast for Reds, Whites, & Sparkling Wines Pack of 5 (5 g | 0.17 oz)
Wine Yeast for Reds, Whites, & Sparkling Wines Pack of 5 (5 g | 0.17 oz)

Wine Yeast for Reds, Whites, & Sparkling Wines Pack of 5 (5 g | 0.17 oz)

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ABC Crafted Series Wine Yeast: Elevate Your Winemaking Artistry

Unleash the Potential of Your Wines with Versatile ABC Crafted Series Wine Yeast

ABC Crafted Series Wine Yeast is a game-changer for winemakers striving for excellence. This premium Saccharomyces bayanus strain is meticulously engineered to cater to a wide range of wine styles. Whether crafting bold reds, delicate whites, or effervescent sparkling wines, this versatile yeast can handle up to 18% ABV and offers unmatched adaptability and performance.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Versatile Wine Strain: Perfect for producing various wine types, including red, white, and sparkling.
  • Robust Fermentation: Promises efficient and active fermentation for full-flavored wines.
  • High Alcohol Tolerance: Handles up to 18% ABV, ideal for high-alcohol wines.
  • Flexible Temperature Range: Effective within 14-32°C (57-90°F), accommodating diverse winemaking environments.
  • Ester Production: Enhances wines with complex aromatics.
  • Large Batch Capacity: Each 5-gram sachet is suitable for fermenting up to 23 liters.
  • Long Shelf Life: It remains potent for 24 months and is stored in 80mm x 80mm packaging for freshness.
  • Origin: Proudly produced in Sweden, ensuring premium quality and consistency.


Q: How much yeast is required for a standard batch of wine? A: One sachet (5 grams) is sufficient for up to 23 liters of wine, ensuring optimal fermentation.

Q: What is the maximum alcohol content that this yeast can ferment? A: This yeast strain can ferment wines with an alcohol content of up to 18% ABV.

Q: What temperatures are ideal for fermentation with this yeast? A: The yeast thrives in a temperature range of 14-32°C (57-90°F), making it suitable for various winemaking conditions.

Q: How should the yeast be stored for maximum efficacy? A: Store the yeast in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain its quality and longevity.

Transform your winemaking experience with ABC Crafted Series Wine Yeast whether a beginner or a seasoned vintner, this versatile yeast will be your ally in producing wines that stand out for their complexity, balance, and flavor. Elevate your winemaking journey with ABC Crafted Series Wine Yeast – where quality, versatility, and performance meet.