Dextrose Corn Sugar (1 kg | 2.2 Lb)
Dextrose Corn Sugar (1 kg | 2.2 Lb)
Dextrose Corn Sugar (1 kg | 2.2 Lb)

Dextrose Corn Sugar (1 kg | 2.2 Lb)

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Optimize Your Brewing with Premium Dextrose Corn Sugar

Elevate Beer Quality with Pure Dextrose Corn Sugar

Enhance your homebrewing results with our Dextrose Corn Sugar, meticulously packed in Canada. This 1 KG (2.2 LBS) bag of high-quality sugar is specifically designed to boost fermentation efficiency and improve the overall quality of your beer. Ideal for brewers seeking a cleaner, crisper taste, this pure monosaccharide sugar is a key ingredient in crafting superior brews.

Key Features:

  • Pure Dextrose Monosaccharide: Offers a straightforward fermentation process compared to regular sucrose.
  • Eliminates Off-Flavours: Ensures a clean fermentation, devoid of unwanted aftertastes.
  • Ideal for Brewing: Preferred by brewers for creating better-bodied beers.
  • Efficient Usage: A slightly lesser amount is needed compared to regular sugar – for 8 kg of sucrose, use just over 6 kg of Dextrose.
  • Freshness Guaranteed: Double-sealed in a stand-up pouch with a Zip Lock for prolonged freshness and ease of use.
  • Canadian Quality: Packed in Canada, ensuring high standards of purity and quality.


Q: How is Dextrose Corn Sugar different from regular table sugar? A: Dextrose is a monosaccharide, meaning it is a simpler sugar that ferments more cleanly compared to sucrose, a disaccharide.

Q: What advantages does Dextrose offer in beer brewing? A: It promotes a cleaner fermentation, resulting in beer with better body and no off-flavours.

Q: How much Dextrose should I use in my brewing process? A: For a fermentation recipe calling for 8 kg of regular sugar, use just over 6 kg of Dextrose for optimal results.

Q: Does Dextrose Corn Sugar affect the beer's flavor? A: Yes, it contributes to a cleaner, crisper taste, enhancing the beer's overall quality.

Q: What makes the packaging of Dextrose Corn Sugar beneficial? A: Our double-sealed stand-up pouch ensures the sugar remains fresh and is easy to store and reuse.

Utilize our Dextrose Corn Sugar in your brewing process for a superior taste and quality. This product is not just an ingredient; it's an upgrade to your brewing artistry, ensuring every batch is a testament to your commitment to excellence. Enhance your beer with the pure, crisp touch of Dextrose Corn Sugar.