Acid Blend 2 per Pack (250 gr | 8.82 oz)
Acid Blend 2 per Pack (250 gr | 8.82 oz)
Acid Blend 2 per Pack (250 gr | 8.82 oz)

Acid Blend 2 per Pack (250 gr | 8.82 oz)

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Essential for Balanced Winemaking. Elevate Your Wine: Achieve Perfect Acidity for Optimal Flavor 

Discover the secret to crafting exceptional wine with our 250 g Acid Blend, meticulously designed for home winemakers and professionals. This blend, a perfect mix of citric, malic, and tartaric acids, is vital to balancing your wine's acidity, enhancing flavor, and boosting aging potential. Made in Canada, it ensures your wine achieves the crispness and complexity that marks a truly extraordinary vintage.

Key Features:

  • Ideal Composition: A harmonious blend of the three primary fruit acids used in winemaking.
  • Enhances Taste: Adjusts acidity to create a brighter, crisper flavor profile.
  • Improves Aging: Proper acidity levels can enhance a wine's longevity and maturation.
  • User-Friendly: Easily dissolves in wine or must for straightforward acidity adjustments.


Q: How do I determine the correct amount of Acid Blend to use? A: Utilize an Acid Test Kit to measure current acidity levels. Add Acid Blend following the guideline of a .15% TA increase per teaspoon.

Q: Is this blend suitable for both red and white wines? A: It's versatile for all wine types, with different target TA levels depending on the variety.

Q: Can Acid Blend impact the wine's aging process? A: Absolutely. Proper acidity is crucial for wine’s aging potential, making it suitable for more extended storage.

Incorporate our Acid Blend in your winemaking for a perfectly balanced acidity, essential in elevating the taste and quality of your wine. Whether you're an experienced vintner or just starting, this blend is vital to your winemaking toolkit. Create wines that stand the test of time with the perfect touch of acidity, ensuring each glass poured is a testament to your craftsmanship.