Australian Merlot - Fontana Winemaking Kit

Australian Merlot - Fontana Winemaking Kit

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 Sip the Richness. Relish the Tradition.

Dive into craft brewing with our meticulously designed Australian Merlot Winemaking Kit. Crafted for aficionados who appreciate a captivating red, this kit delivers a wine teeming with lush fruitiness and a touch of indulgent complexity. Every bottle you craft promises a black cherry, plum, and blackberry dance on your palate, further enriched by the subtle embrace of spice, vanilla, and dark chocolate undertones. With its soft tannins and seamless finish, this medium-bodied Merlot is more than just a drink; it's an experience. 

Key Features:

  • Profound notes of dark fruits, including black cherry, plum, and blackberry.
  • Subtle hints of spice, vanilla, and dark chocolate enhance the complexity.
  • Smooth and velvety mouthfeel, thanks to its soft tannins.
  • Long-lasting, resonant finish that lingers on the palate.
  • Pairs beautifully with myriad dishes, from grilled meats to bold cheeses.


  1. What makes this Merlot distinct from others?
    Our Australian Merlot boasts a unique blend of fruit-forward character and rich undertones, making it stand out.

  2. Which dishes complement this Merlot best?
    The wine pairs splendidly with grilled meats, hearty stews, rich pasta dishes, and bold cheeses.

  3. Is this Merlot good for aging?
    Yes, while this Merlot can be enjoyed fresh, it also has the potential to age gracefully, further refining its taste. 

  4. Is this kit beginner-friendly?
    Absolutely, our kit caters to both newcomers and seasoned homebrew enthusiasts, ensuring a delightful crafting experience.

  5. Where is the kit prepared?
    Our Merlot winemaking kit is discreetly packed in Canada.

  6. Do I need to purchase any other items with the kit?
    Yes, equipment and supplies are required for the winemaking process and are sold separately.

With our Australian Merlot Winemaking Kit, every moment becomes a celebration. Designed for those with a keen palate, this kit promises a wine that's rich, rewarding, and incredibly memorable. Whether you're an expert or just starting your winemaking journey, this kit ensures that every bottle is a testament to your love for quality and taste. So, pour, toast, and cherish the Merlot magic.