Stout Beer Kit Pouch (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)
Stout Beer Kit Pouch (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)
Stout Beer Kit Pouch (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)
Stout Beer Kit Pouch (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)

Stout Beer Kit Pouch (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)

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Craft Your Stout Masterpiece: All-Inclusive Stout Beer Kit Pouch

Savour the Darkness: Rich, Creamy, and Irresistibly Smooth 

Unveil your homebrew potential with the Stout Beer Kit Pouch, tailored for stout enthusiasts, craft-makers, and home brewers alike. This 1.8 kg (3.9 lb) kit is your key to unlocking about 6 gallons of dark, velvety beer with nuanced flavours of dark chocolate and fruity undertones. At an approximate 4.4% ABV, this Stout beer delivers in volume and depth of flavour.

Level up your homebrew game with our Stout Beer Kit Pouch, a must-have for those who appreciate the darker things in life. This kit is specifically engineered to yield around 23 litres of luxurious stout with a creamy texture and intricate layers of dark chocolate and fruit flavours. Craft the stout you've always dreamed of, right in the comfort of your home.

Key Features

  • Substantial Yield: Craft around 6 gallons or 23 litres of Stout beer.
  • Intricate Flavor Profile: Expect flavors of dark chocolate and smooth fruitiness.
  • Optimal ABV: Attain an approximate alcohol content of 4.4%.
  • Controlled Bitterness: Achieve a bitterness rating of 2.5/5 and IBU of 30-40.
  • Brewing Pre-requisites: Includes requirements for 1 kg of dextrose.


What is the expected ABV of the Stout beer?

The kit is designed to produce a Stout beer with an approximate ABV of 4.4%.

How much Stout can I produce with one kit?

One Stout Beer Kit Pouch can yield around 6 gallons or 23 litres of beer.

Is additional equipment necessary?

You'll need separate brewing equipment and 1 kg of dextrose, as they are not included in the kit.

What flavours can I expect from the Stout?

Expect a layered experience of rich dark chocolate and smooth fruitiness.

What is the bitterness level of this Stout?

The Stout has a bitterness rating of 2.5/5 with an IBU of 30-40.

What is the inspiration behind this product?

While the product takes cues from traditional Stout brewing practices, it does not claim to be from any particular region.

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