Spraymalt Amber | Premium Dry Malt Extract Powder for Exceptional Brews (25 kg | 55 Lb)

Spraymalt Amber | Premium Dry Malt Extract Powder for Exceptional Brews (25 kg | 55 Lb)

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Unlock the Mastery in Homebrewing. 

Spraymalt Amber isn't just any dry malt extract powder. It's the embodiment of brewing excellence. Tailored with superior malts, sprayed and dried to peak perfection, it promises unparalleled solubility and a transformative brewing journey every time.

When you choose Spraymalt Amber, you're embracing a shade of rich amber and a melody of malty richness, making it the go-to for diverse beer creations, from the warm depths of Scottish ales to the comforting embrace of milds and brown ales. Its promise? A brew that’s not just good but exceptional.

Enriched with the magic of Spraymalt Amber and sugar, witness your brew evolve with about a 20% surge in body, leading to a beer experience that resonates with depth and character. And for those moments when you want to turn a regular beer kit into a brewer's masterpiece? Just swap sugar for Spraymalt and watch the transformation unfold.

Opt for Spraymalt Amber for a brew that resonates with unparalleled quality, consistency, and an undying promise to enrich flavour and body. Step into the realm of crafting legendary beers with Spraymalt Amber.

Key Features:

  • Top-Grade Dry Malt Extract: Premium malts steer Spraymalt Amber, always ensuring unmatched brewing quality.
  • Amber’s Radiance: Gift your beers with the captivating amber essence, heightening the visual and sensory pleasure.
  • Malty Euphoria: Immerse in profound nuances, perfect for accentuating Scottish ales, ESBs, milds, and brown ales.
  • Quality and Flavour Enhancement: Merging Spraymalt with sugar takes your beer's character to new heights, intensifying satisfaction in every sip.
  • Augmented Body: Revel in the enhanced body, offering a deeper, richer beer profile.
  • Kit Transmutation: Elevate regular beer kits to pinnacles of complexity by simply opting for Spraymalt over sugar.
  • Seamless Solubility: Spraymalt's fine consistency guarantees effortless mixing, making your brewing sessions a breeze.


Q: What is the correct quantity of Spraymalt Amber for my brew? A: For optimal results, consider 1kg of Spraymalt Amber for every 23 litres (5 gallons) of wort. Tweak as per your desired taste and texture.

Q: Can Spraymalt replace sugar entirely? A: Certainly! Spraymalt Amber can dominate your brew, offering its signature malty charm and enhancing the beer's body. Feel free to experiment and discover the perfect brew harmony.

Q: Is Spraymalt a fit for all beer varieties? A: Spraymalt Amber complements diverse beer styles, especially Scottish ales, ESBs, milds, and brown ales. Its unique flavour palette augments these styles brilliantly, adding layers of depth.

Craft, experiment, and savour with Spraymalt Amber – the heart of exceptional brews.

Note: Equipment and supplies are sold separately, packaged in the UK.