Clear Glass Bordeaux Bottle 10 per Case (750 ml | 25.36 oz)

Clear Glass Bordeaux Bottle 10 per Case (750 ml | 25.36 oz)

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Crystal Clarity: Clear Glass Bordeaux Bottles for Premium Winemaking

Celebrate Tradition with a Modern Twist: Premium Clear Bordeaux Bottles

Craft your signature wines with our Clear Glass Bordeaux Bottles, where each detail reflects the legacy of Bordeaux's storied winemaking. This 10-bottle case, ideal for vintners and homebrew enthusiasts, combines the revered Bordeaux shape with the modern appeal of clear glass. The substantial 750 ml volume is embraced by the wine community for standard servings, while the transparent canvas invites custom labels to shine, ensuring your wine stands out in any collection.  

Key Features:

  • Authentic Bordeaux Style: Celebrated design is known for accommodating wines meant for aging.
  • Transparent Elegance: Clear glass to highlight the wine's color and purity.
  • Standard Capacity: 750 ml bottles, the preferred size for consumers and connoisseurs.
  • Secure Cork Finish: Ensures the timeless closure of each bottle, preserving the wine's integrity.
  • Optimized Labeling Area: The 44.59 mm label panel is sized for clarity and impact.


Q: Why is the Bordeaux bottle a classic choice for winemakers? A: Its iconic design is favored for its stability, aesthetic, and functionality in wine aging and sediment collection.

Q: Is clear glass beneficial for the aging process of wine? A: While it allows for showcasing the wine, clear glass bottles should be stored away from light to protect the contents.

Q: What makes the Bordeaux bottle suitable for various types of wine? A: Its versatile shape is conducive to red and white wines, allowing sediment to settle and easy to pour.

Q: How should I prepare these bottles for wine filling? A: It's recommended to sterilize the bottles before use to ensure the best possible wine preservation.

Q: Can these bottles be recycled? A: Clear glass bottles are fully recyclable, aligning with sustainable practices.

Q: Are the dimensions of the bottle compatible with standard wine racks? A: The dimensions are designed to fit into most standard wine racks and cellars.