Green Glass Bordeaux Bottle 10 per Case (750 ml | 25.36 oz)

Green Glass Bordeaux Bottle 10 per Case (750 ml | 25.36 oz)

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Elegant Winemaking: Classic Green Glass Bordeaux Bottles 

Vintage Charm, Artisan Craft: Traditional Green Bordeaux Bottles for the Wine Purist 

Our Green Glass Bordeaux Bottles are a quintessential choice for the discerning winemaker. Each case has ten bottles, each offering a 750 ml capacity—perfect for the standard wine serving. These bottles adhere to the classic Bordeaux style, celebrated for its straight walls and distinguished high shoulders, embodying the essence of traditional French winemaking. The green glass adds sophistication and protects your wine from light, preserving its delicate flavors. The cork finish secures the authenticity of your wine's heritage, promising an experience of pure enjoyment with every pour. 

Key Features:

  • Authentic Bordeaux Silhouette: The preferred shape for a timeless wine presentation.
  • UV Protective Green Glass: Maintains the integrity of the wine by minimizing light exposure.
  • Ideal Volume: 750 ml capacity is the gold standard for retail and personal cellars.
  • Sturdy and Balanced: With a solid unit weight and stable base, it is perfect for aging and display.
  • Ready for Branding: A label panel allowing clear and elegant labeling.


Q: What makes the Bordeaux bottle ideal for wine storage? A: Its design promotes stability and sediment collection, which is essential for the aging process of many wines.

Q: Why is green glass often used for wine bottles? A: Green glass can reduce the effect of UV rays on wine, which helps preserve the wine’s quality over time.

Q: Are these bottles suitable for all types of wine? A: While traditionally used for Bordeaux varieties, these versatile bottles can be used for a wide range of red and white wines.

Q: How do I ensure a proper seal with the cork finish? A: Using the correct size and type of cork and a corking machine will ensure a tight seal to protect the wine.

Q: Is it necessary to clean the bottles before use? A: Sterilizing the bottles before use is always recommended to ensure the wine remains uncontaminated.