California Pinot Noir - Fontana Winemaking Kit

California Pinot Noir - Fontana Winemaking Kit

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Experience the Sublime Elegance of Every Pour

California Pinot Noir, the epitome of winemaking excellence, is tailor-made for the discerning homebrew and craft-making audience. Dive deep into a realm where bright cherry and berry flavours dance on the palate, harmoniously intertwined with delicate spice and earthy whispers. Balanced with silky tannins and lively acidity, its profile ensures a culinary synergy, making it the preferred choice for a diverse array of dishes. Whether you're cherishing its nuances solo or alongside a gourmet feast, this wine stands out, echoing the artistry of its creation and the essence of its roots. 

Key Features:

  • Radiant cherry and berry flavour profiles
  • The subtle interplay of spice and earthy notes
  • Velvety tannins ensure a smooth sip
  • Versatile gastronomic pairing capabilities
  • Testament to dedicated winemaking craftsmanship

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. What culinary creations shine alongside this Pinot Noir?

  • This wine effortlessly complements a broad spectrum from roasted meats and poultry to grilled salmon and vegetarian delights.

2. Can this wine benefit from aging?

  • Certainly, while delightful now, aging can enrich its character and depth.

3. Is the wine's acidity dominant over its flavours?

  • No, its acidity harmoniously balances with the flavours, ensuring a refreshing taste experience.

4. Is this Pinot Noir vegan and vegetarian-friendly?

  • Absolutely, making it an inclusive choice for diverse wine enthusiasts.

5. Describe the wine's body and finish?

  • This Pinot Noir showcases a medium body with a gracefully enduring finish.

6. Where is this wine packed?

  • Inspired by California’s essence, these products find their packaging home in Canada.

Note: Equipment and supplies are sold separately.