Campden Tablets Pack of 2 (250 g | 8.82 oz)
Campden Tablets Pack of 2 (250 g | 8.82 oz)
Campden Tablets Pack of 2 (250 g | 8.82 oz)

Campden Tablets Pack of 2 (250 g | 8.82 oz)

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The Multifunctional Must-Have for Winemakers and Brewers

Versatile and Effective: Campden Tablets for Quality Brewing and Winemaking

Our Campden Tablets, weighing 250 grams (8.82 oz), are an indispensable tool for winemakers and beer brewers. These tablets are made in the United States and ensure high-quality results across various applications. Whether you're purifying juice, sanitizing equipment, or preserving the color and flavor of your wine, Campden Tablets are easy to use and highly effective.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for both winemaking and beer brewing processes.
  • Effective Purification: Ideal for removing chlorine or chloramine from brewing water and purifying juice.
  • Reliable Sanitization: Ensures thorough sanitization of equipment.
  • Preservation Power: Helps maintain the integrity of wine during bottling.
  • Clear Instructions: Detailed guidelines for various applications, ensuring optimal use.


Q: How do I use Campden Tablets for winemaking? A: Crush and pre-dissolve one tablet per gallon of must or juice, then ventilate for 24 hours before adding yeast.

Q: Can these tablets be used for sanitizing brewing equipment? A: Yes, clean equipment first, then use a solution of 16 crushed tablets per gallon of water with ½ teaspoon of citric acid for effective sanitization.

Q: Are Campden Tablets effective in beer brewing? A: Absolutely. They're excellent for removing chlorine and chloramine from brewing water.

Q: How should I use these tablets at the bottling stage? A: Add one crushed, pre-dissolved tablet per gallon of wine alongside potassium sorbate to prevent re-fermentation. 

Q: Is special storage needed for these tablets? A: Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct light to maintain their efficacy.

Campden Tablets are a must-have for every brewer and winemaker, simplifying and enhancing various stages of the brewing and winemaking process. Their ease of use and effectiveness make them a valuable addition to your brewing supplies.