Bottle Tree 90 Bottle Holder Rotating - Efficient and Hygienic Bottle Drying and Storage

Bottle Tree 90 Bottle Holder Rotating - Efficient and Hygienic Bottle Drying and Storage

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Maximize Efficiency with the Bottle Tree 90 Rotating - A Canadian Innovation

Elevate Your Home Brewing with Our Spacious Bottle Tree 90 Rotating

The "Bottle Tree 90 Rotating," a product of Canadian expertise, is an innovative storage solution designed to streamline your bottling process for beer or wine. With a substantial capacity to hold up to 90 bottles, this bottle tree is an essential tool for home brewers and winemakers. Its unique design stores bottles upside down, preventing bacterial contamination, while the rotating feature allows for effortless access to all bottles. This tree facilitates an efficient transition from rinsing to drying to bottling, making your brewing routine smoother and more convenient.

Key Features:

  • 90-Bottle Capacity: Ample space for drying a large number of bottles.
  • Rotating Design: Provides easy access to bottles from all sides.
  • Upside-Down Storage: Enhances hygiene by preventing bacterial entry.
  • Seamless Workflow: Ideal for an efficient rinsing, drying, and bottling process.
  • Food-Grade Material: Safe and hygienic for bottle handling.
  • BPA-Free: Ensures a health-conscious brewing environment.


Q: Can it accommodate larger bottles? A: It's designed for standard sizes, but larger bottles may fit depending on their shape and size.

Q: How should I clean the bottle tree? A: Rinse with warm soapy water and let it air dry.

Q: Is it suitable for commercial brewing? A: While optimal for home use, it can also serve smaller commercial brewing setups.

Q: Is the bottle tree easy to store when not in use? A: Yes, it's designed for convenient disassembly and storage.

Q: Can this be used for both beer and wine bottles? A: Yes, it's versatile for various bottle types.

The "Bottle Tree 90 Rotating" is more than just a storage tool; it's a crucial part of your brewing process, ensuring efficiency and hygiene in every batch. This product, reflecting Canadian quality and innovation, is an invaluable asset for any serious home brewer or winemaker.