Tapered Cork #20 - 3/8 Bored Hole - 10 per Pack (43x55x43 mm)

Tapered Cork #20 - 3/8 Bored Hole - 10 per Pack (43x55x43 mm)

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Your Go-To for a Perfect Seal Every Time

Looking for the ultimate solution for your homebrew, winemaking, or crafting endeavours? Introducing the 3/8 Bored Hole Tapered Cork 10-Pack (43x55x43), your ideal choice for achieving a flawless seal across multiple applications. Crafted for flexibility and a snug fit, these tapered corks are your dependable allies whether you're bottling homemade wine, executing craft projects, or even for specialized food packaging needs.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 43x55x43 mm | 1.69x2.17x1.69 in | 1-43/64x2-11/64x1-43/64 in
  • 3/8 Bored Hole: Specifically designed for enhanced seal stability.
  • Highly Elastic Material: Ensures an unbreachable seal every time.
  • 10-Pack Convenience: Ideal quantity for homebrewers and crafters.
  • Broad Application Spectrum: Suitable for crafts, food packaging, and more.


Q: What is the size of the bored hole? A: The corks feature an optimized 3/8-inch bored hole for better sealing stability.

Q: Can I use these corks for homemade wine or beer? A: Absolutely, these corks are designed with homebrew and winemaking applications in mind.

Q: What are the dimensions of these corks? A: The dimensions are 43x55x43, making them versatile for various bottle and jar sizes.

Q: How many corks come in a pack? A: Each pack contains ten corks, giving ample supply for your projects. 

Q: Can I cut these corks to fit my containers? A: Yes, these corks are easily customizable to fit the dimensions of your specific project.

Q: Are these corks safe for food packaging? A: These corks are suitable for food and beverage applications.

Achieve the perfect seal for your homebrew, crafting, and winemaking projects with our 3/8 Bored Hole Tapered Cork 10-Pack. Crafted to meet the high standards of hobbyists and professionals alike, this is your reliable, go-to choice for multiple sealing applications. Grab yours now and experience the difference!