Tapered Cork #21 - 10 per Pack (43x62x47 mm)

Tapered Cork #21 - 10 per Pack (43x62x47 mm)

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For a Seal that Speaks Quality 

Unveiling the Tapered Cork #21, 10-Pack (43x62x47) – designed to bring efficiency and dependability to your homebrew, crafting, and winemaking projects. Offering unmatched elasticity for a secure seal, this 10-pack is tailored to meet the needs of the modern crafter and brewer.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 43x62x47 mm | 1.69x2.44x1.85 in | 1-43/64x2-29/64x1-27/32 in
  • Unique Tapered Design: Ensures a snug, secure fit for various container sizes.
  • High Elasticity: Guarantees a robust seal, keeping the integrity of your contents intact.
  • 10-Pack Offering: Just the right amount for small to medium projects.
  • Multi-Purpose Usage: Not just for beverages – equally effective for crafts and small construction needs.


Q: How do I determine the right size for my bottles? A: Measure the internal diameter of your bottle's opening and choose a cork with a bottom diameter smaller than that but large enough to insert at least half of the cork for a tight seal.

Q: Can I cut these corks for a customized fit? A: Absolutely, these tapered corks are easy to trim for a personalized fit.

Q: What are the actual dimensions? A: The corks measure 43x62x47, suitable for a variety of applications.

Q: How many corks are in one pack? A: Each pack contains ten tapered corks designed for small to medium-sized projects.

Q: Are these corks safe for food and beverage use? A: These corks are ideal for storing food and beverages, ensuring your items stay fresh.

Q: Can these corks be used for arts and crafts or small construction needs? A: Their versatile design makes them suitable for crafting and even small construction tasks like filling holes in walls and ceilings.

Whether you're a homebrew aficionado, a crafting enthusiast, or someone who appreciates winemaking, the Tapered Cork #21, 10-Pack offers a robust and versatile sealing solution for all your projects. Don't compromise; seal with confidence.