Spigot with Wooden Key for Barrel (8 cm | 3.15 in)

Spigot with Wooden Key for Barrel (8 cm | 3.15 in)

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Pour Precision, Crafted in Europe. Unlock the Flow. Control the Craft

Embrace European craftsmanship tailored to elevate your winemaking and crafting endeavors. Our Spigot with Wooden Key for Barrel promises both elegance and functionality. Explicitly designed for those passionate about pressing fruits, grapes, and winemaking, it is an essential tool to precisely regulate and refine the flow. 

Key Features:

  • Optimal Size: Measures 8 cm (3.15 in), ensuring compatibility with varied barrel types.
  • Sustainable Build: Constructed from eco-friendly natural wood, offering a touch of tradition.
  • Effortless Flow Control: The wooden handle allows swift and simple regulation of the liquid stream.
  • Natural Cork Valve: Guarantees smooth operation and minimizes spillage.
  • Renowned Origin: Epitome of European quality and durability.


Q: How does this spigot contribute to the winemaking process? A: Designed for precision, it refines the flow, ensuring a seamless winemaking experience for amateurs and professionals.

Q: Can it fit different barrel types? A: Its versatile 8 cm design ensures adaptability to a broad spectrum of barrels.

Q: What maintenance is required to keep the spigot in top condition? A: Regular inspection of the cork valve is critical to avoid drying or wear, ensuring a long-lasting and leak-free performance.

Q: Is there a risk of leakage over time? A: The spigot maintains its integrity and minimizes leakage concerns with appropriate care and periodic cork inspections.

Q: Are there other applications for this spigot beyond wine? A: Absolutely! While tailored for winemaking, it's versatile enough for various liquid dispensing needs.

Q: Where is this spigot manufactured? A: Proudly crafted, reflecting the finest European traditions and quality standards.