Spigot with Wooden Key for Barrel (20.5 cm | 8.07 in)

Spigot with Wooden Key for Barrel (20.5 cm | 8.07 in)

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Pour Precision, Crafted in Europe. Unlock the Flow. Control the Craft

Specially designed for discerning winemakers, fruit press enthusiasts, and those in the winery circle, our Spigot with Wooden Key for Barrel is a marriage of tradition and functionality. Born from European expertise, this spigot is more than just a valve; it's a testament to the craftsmanship that ensures your liquid gold flows seamlessly, batch after batch. 

Key Features:

  • Optimal Length: 20.5 cm or 8.07 inches ensures compatibility with diverse barrel sizes.
  • Genuine Wood Design: Infuses authenticity and tradition into every pour.
  • Integrated Cork Valve: For controlled, consistent liquid flow with reduced leak risks.
  • Easy-to-Turn Handle: Crafted for comfortable and precise liquid regulation.
  • European Craftsmanship: Celebrate the legacy of European quality.


Q: What sets this spigot apart in the winemaking world? A: Its traditional design and modern precision blend ensure experienced winemakers and crafting enthusiasts favour it.

Q: How versatile is the 20.5 cm length for different barrels? A: The 8.07-inch design suits a wide range of barrels, complementing standard and unique setups.

Q: What's the best maintenance tip for this spigot? A: Regular inspection of the cork valve will prevent it from drying and wear, ensuring longevity and optimum performance.

Q: Can this be used with other beverages besides wine? A: Absolutely; its design caters to various liquids, though it's a favourite in winemaking.

Q: How frequently should the cork valve be inspected? A: A quick check after every few uses is recommended for best results.

Q: Where is this product crafted? A: Embodying finesse, this spigot is a proud product of Europe.